Overcoats: 16 Quick Q’s for Your New Musical Crush!

Looking for a new musical crush? We got you covered! Meet the New York-based duo Overcoats!

Overcoats by Aysia Marotta
Overcoats by Aysia Marotta

Your new favorite song or lifelong musical crush is always right around the corner, and it’s our job to keep bringing you amazing new tunes and artists with that very goal in mind. That’s why we got in touch with the one and only Overcoats!

Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell make up one of our favorite new discoveries this year. The Brooklyn duo just released an amazing four track EP called Used To Be Scared Of The Dark in which the pair excels in vulnerable songwriting and heart melting harmonies. While their 2020 LP The Fight showed Overcoats’ ability to craft experimental yet catchy alternative pop tunes, Used To Be Scared Of The Dark sees Elion and Mitchell shine in a more folky and indie rock infused soundscape.

We’ve reached out to Overcoats to have them finish a few sentences for us, so we can all get to know them a bit better. After you’ve watched one of their amazing new music videos, check out what they had to say!

Hi, we’re Overcoats and we’ve been making music since… 2014.

We started making music because… we needed a way to heal and process from things that were happening.

If we were to describe our music, we’d say it sounds kind of like… Simon & Garfunkel meets Haim.

We feel the most inspired when… we’re sharing and empathizing with each other

We’re really proud of… AOC

The first time we heard “I Want You To Love Me” by Fiona Apple we felt… like Fiona had changed music forever.

We’ll never forget when… someone comes up to us on tour and tells us that a song meant something to them.

When we hear the word ‘apathetic’ it makes us… roll our eyes.

We feel the most empowered when… we’re fighting for a cause we care about.

Our latest release is… called “Used to Be Scared Of The Dark” and it’s… got songs featuring Tennis and Middle Kids.

When people listen to our music, we hope they feel… like they can dance and cry at the same time.

It’s important to empower women because… women will save the world

Our biggest role models are… our moms.

Looking back at this time of our life 10 years from now, we’ll remember being… too old for tik tok, but trying it anyway.

If we met our 14-year-old selves we’d tell her… comparison is the death of joy, so be yourself and love yourself.

Anything else you want us to know? We’re playing some shows in September in NY, Boston, and DC! More info on our website!

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