Our Winter Festivities With adidas in Berlin Were Tasty

To celebrate our magical adidas Originals x Girls Are Awesome Coach jacket, we ate some tricked out donuts and drank a bunch of Glühwein.

Photos by Sonia Ziegler

Yesterday, we celebrated the masterpiece that is the adidas Originals x Girls Are Awesome Coach jacket in style, with a bunch of really good vegan donuts (shoutsout to Brammibal’s Donuts) and hella Glühwein. Yeah, it was a pretty friendly bunch with plenty of holiday cheer to dish out to all our Berlin homies.

That being said, we’re really happy with the way this product came together and super grateful to adidas as well as the Girls Are Awesome fam and our day ones Mona Sardari, Laura Kazcmarek and Simone Klimmeck for bringing it all together. To top it all off, the very important organization, Frauenhaus Cocon, will be receiving all the proceeds.

See how it all panned out yesterday!


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