Our Picks for CPH PIX

Whether you’re ready to laugh, cry or you’re just on for the ride, support these women’s iconic films this Fall.

So by now, the summer has turned decidedly into a sometimes-sunny Fall for our Nordic countries. But before your soul becomes claimed by the impending promise of cold, indulge in some meaningful artistic diversion!

The following selections consist of films or events we find interesting, intense and full of cultural and flavor. Each is a different iteration of female-ness which we find alluring and certainly worth noting in the wake of awesome-filled CPH PIX.

Holiday by Isabella Eklöf

As you can glean from the brief trailer below, Holiday is not as pleasant a journey as it may seem. In the beginning, young Sascha is thrilled to play the role of “trophy girlfriend” to a handsome small-time drug lord, as she enjoys lavish gifts and a luxurious trip across the Turkish riviera. Along the way, however, she gets tangled in a horrible web of deception and violence. In the film, Swedish director Isabella Eklöf deftly presents a world that is drowning in glamorous hedonism with a deeply sinister undercurrent that sweeps up more and more problems as the film progresses.

The character Sascha’s true desires surface with dire consequences in this devastatingly chic modern gangster drama. Holiday was received with both praise and shock Sundance, perhaps most notably for a brutal rape scene that is reminiscent of 2002 French psychological thriller Irréversible – and is equally hard to watch.

Holiday is in competition for both the New Talent Grand PIX category and Politiken’s Talent Award.


Skate Kitchen by Crystal Moselle

On a much lighter note, catch the last rays of summertime in the form of Skate Kitchen, an age-old tale of colloquial renaissance.  will host a bangin’ premiere of Sundance flick Skate Kitchen. The film follows an all-girl skate crew blossomed fresh from New York’s Lower East Side. The introverted protagonist Camille, played by Rachelle Vinberg, seeks out the swarthy and urbane female skaters, leaving her suburban existence well behind her as she learns what life could be.

Director Crystal Moselle found the bona fide girl crew in the film via Instagram, so you can bet that their skills are the real deal. From start to finish, this story presents an artfully cultivated tale of friendship, love, subculture and street vibes, not to mention a fresh millennial spin on 1980’s skate classics such as Thrashin’.

Catch a free viewing of this engaging film at the premiere hosted by Danish brand Samsøe & Samsøe.


Madeline’s Madeline by Josephine Decker.

An artfully hazy stumble between fiction and reality, Madeline’s Madeline exists in a wild and experimental world of its own. Our coming-of-age subject is young Madeline, a “lost soul” archetype who finds her way into an intriguing theater troupe after spending time in a psych ward due to emotional trauma. In the eyes of her probing drama teacher, her mental instability serves as a useful tool to be facilitated into art. Madeline is encouraged to reinterpret her personal experience told in confidence, as theater. The result is perhaps one of the most unique American indies this year.

Madeline’s Madeline is part of the series MADE INDIE USA presented by CPH PIX and Soundvenue.


Concert: Linn da Quebrada (BR) at ALICE

Make sure you catch the badass Brazil-born queer rapper and trans activist Linn da Quebrada as she graces ALICE in Copenhagen during the festival. On the up and up since her crowdfunded debut last October, Linn Da Quebrada’s bombastic beats, baile funk, and queer-political lyrics have supported her steadily growing fanbase. Now, homegirl is officially ready for her first tour outside of Brazil. This is an experience you won’t want to miss! Read more about the event here.


Girl by Lukas Dhont

Girl is a poignant debut from Belgian director Lukas Dhont who is only 27 years of age. The film is a nominee in the main award category “New Talent Grand PIX”, and follows the emotional journey of teenage Lara who is born in the wrong body. As she starts hormone treatment to ignite the physical process of adopting her womanhood, she battles her own existential frustration through dance. Her dreams of being a ballerina challenge her in many ways, resulting in painful yet determined struggle that is essential to humanness and heart-wrenching to see at her tender age.



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