OMGyes, The Platform Reinventing The Perception Of The G-spot

How magazine-tips and tricks (or, should we say, lack thereof) inspired a tabu-smashing concept on female pleasure.

When co-founders and long time friends, Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins, cozied up with a group of friends on a, later meaningful, late-night over a couple of glasses of wine, they had no idea that this somewhat casual discussion about sex would lead to their eureka moment. When the conversation took the turn towards patterns leading to female orgasms, opinions seemed to differ. Prompted by this experience they did a little digging on the topic and, to their surprise, female pleasure had not only been barely studied, but was also not a topic anyone dared to touch. And so, the seed of OMGyes was planted.

The pair began a mission of creating a platform, which would not only be educational but also feel personal and, most importantly, painfully honest. The topic of reaching female pleasure is not something one would often hear about during sex-ed at school, read about in news articles or even in a casual conversation between most friends. 

What makes the platform unique is the approach it takes. The approach of no judgment, complete honesty and generally unified goal of improving one’s sex life. In attempts to break down the perpetuated Hollywood-myths (we have all seen those over the top sex scenes am I right) and the overall lack of research and information surrounding female orgasms, OMGyes was created to work beyond just the concept of ‘’the birds and the bees’’.

Powered by a number of instructional videos, interactive animations, experiences shared by real people and tips condensed out of a survey taken part by women ages 18-95, this place proves itself to be a goldmine (that is, if you have the financial means for the one-time subscription fee, which is absolutely worth it).

The platform was further propelled to larger audiences upon a shout-out from influential women such as Emma Watson. During an interview she revealed how a friend had recommended the site and how she wished that it had been around way before (we couldn’t agree more). 

For me, there was no friend. Instead, I saw this clip over and over on my Facebook feed until I caved and purchased a subscription a few years back. Upon entering the site, I was not entirely sure what I was expecting, but this was not it. No strange fonts, no overuse of the stereotypical pink and red tones and, frankly, no vaginas straight up in one’s face. It’s a website that might as well be a really sophisticated shop of sorts. Simple interface, straight to the point.

Noone is referring to ‘’magical flowers’’, instead, calling things what they are. One is presented with a plethora of options; a light read on the subject of your interest, video testimonials of women who share their experiences, facts derived from extensive research, and to top it all off, an interactive feature, which allows for the user to ‘’test’’ their newly gained knowledge on a life-like sample of female genitalia.

Overall, it is truly inclusive. The site is translated in over 12 different languages, emphasizing the fact that no matter who and where you are, you are welcome and encouraged to learn and expand your horizons on the topic. The videos presented feature many different women – women of color, caucasian, young, mature, slim, plus-size – you name it. Leaning into a nitpicking tone, it would have been appreciated seeing more plus-sized and women of color, but the experience was pleasantly surprising nonetheless.

The first original ”season” was primarily concentrated on non-penetrative functions, whereas the newly introduced follow up, has put its focus on the opposite. Going further into depths of different types of possibilities, this chapter serves as a lovely fun-filled educational tool for everyone involved.

The fact that a couple of women who have shared their experiences in the first chapter and that they have recurring ”roles” on the follow-up, is also truly commendable. This point just takes it one step further, creating a familiarity of sorts, and might put one more at ease. Especially, if these topics have previously been sort of a tabu.

If one would still be on the fence about this, OMGyes are currently creating a free-to-use website for victims of trauma and harassment, creating a space where people can explore ways of returning to the intimacy and pleasure in their lives. This initiative is funded by the subscriptions of Season 1 and 2, therefore, it serves as a ‘’help yourself, and help others in the meantime’’ deal.

Lastly, further measures are being taken to expand this project to also catering to the male experience, transgender pleasure, the use of toys and more. Inclusivity is taken seriously. At this point the future possibilities are endless.

Judging from my own perspective, overall, I would (and have already) recommend this to a friend. Even if this is not something one would like to utilize in practice, immediately or ever, it is a great educational tool, which helps break down the stigma of pleasure (and endless ways of it), hopefully, allowing for the conversation to develop further and to a more normalized place in the future.


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