An Ode to You, the Brave and Mud-Drenched Drunks of Roskilde Festival

You were drenched in mud and alcohol all weekend, and you were beautiful for it. Here’s why.

Mud. Mud, everywhere. In your shoes, in your nose, in your tent, in your SOUL. This year’s Roskilde Festival delivered a packed music program and enough rain to break your sober spirit, but you kids were alright! Now you’re tired, drenched and probably severely hung over, but don’t pretend this isn’t exactly what you came for!

What is Roskilde Festival without a little rain? This is character building, what legends are made of, and a survival skill worth putting on your resume. Let us not forget that Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss made this shit look good, and now so do you! Your haggard, beautiful faces show the signs of an epic week with experiences for a life time, and your limping swag is a powerful testimony to your raving abilities. Wear it all with pride!

You’ve pulled yourselves up by your bootstraps and you’ve partied on like there was no tomorrow. Against all odds you will miss the shitty weather, expensive alcohol, daily hangovers and sore joints. You will miss it because this is Roskilde Festival, and the pain of yesterday never compares to memories you make here. Oh, and the everlasting herpes as well, ’cause that shit never goes away either!

But before your Netflix and Chill marathon commences for the rest of this week, we thought we’d remind you of the muddy, glorious creatures you were. To you, our inspiring, die-hard, unstoppable drunks!


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