NYU Student Maggie Rogers Just Took Pharrell’s Breath Away

Maggie Rogers had Pharrell rambling on in glee after hearing her rhythmic folk-inspired electronic ballad.

If you like Sylvan Esso, Aurora, Grimes, and just talented females in general, odds are you will like this tasty track from Maggie Rogers. “Alaska” turned millions of heads in just the few weeks after music wizard Pharrell Williams’ extreme reaction to the tune went viral.

Pharrell visited a mixing and mastering class at NYU where a few lucky students were able to showcase their work before the oracle, who has had his hands on no less than seven grammy-winning albums, and receive notes on their own projects. In the clip below, Pharrell meets music student Maggie Rogers as she tells him about her roots in classic folk and more recent inspiration and connection with the natural vitality and humanness of electronic music.

Maggie Rogers

It gets really interesting, however, when he hears her track; as Maggie tentatively gages his reaction, Pharrell can barely contain his palpable excitement with the upbeat and lively tune. All in all, it feels as though you are peeking into an epic and life changing discovery; and for Maggie, that is exactly what this was. The whole thing is touching and makes you feel like running up and giving that girl a massive hug—especially once you sink into the actual song.

The haunting and redemptive quality of her music echoes through a minimalistic electronic bass line and achieves buoyancy through her wispy yet insistent driving vocals. “I cut my hair so I could rock back and forth without thinking of you.” Her powerful songwriting is as honest as her apt description of the musical influences in her work; “combining folk imagery, harmony, and natural samples with the backbone and energy of dance music.” The effect of her music is pure joy addled with the pain of gaining distance.

See for yourself below.


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