Nicki Antognini’s Advice About Riding, Filming and Building Igloos

Snowboarder, filmer and bosslady behind Reverse Magazine told us a thing or two about how passion creates the best content.

For Nicki Antognini it is a survival instinct (and need) to never get bored. To prevent that she learned to speak four languages fluently, she moves home every six months, is invested in snowboarding, skateboarding, photography and drinking red wine every day.

The 26 year old creative designer, photographer and filmer from Switzerland studied for her Masters in Digital Media Design at Hyper Island UK and has now been the grandmother of Reverse Magazine for two years.
The world of board sports can be hard and unfair towards women, but that didn’t stop Reverse Magazine from becoming one of the coolest magazines run and ruled by women.

We caught up with the busy multi-talent and learned more about running a magazine, shooting crazy riders and everything in-between.

All photos by Nicki Antognini.

Photo by Nicki Antognini
Photo by Nicki Antognini

Girls Are Awesome: Hi Nicki, you’re certainly a woman with many talents, ranging anywhere from digital design and photoshop to photographing and video making. Where did it all begin?

The love story started when I discovered Matte Painting, which is a Photoshop painting technique to create imaginative, realistic-looking scenes. This interest lead me into an art school of multimedia which taught me motion design, graphics and web design. Because learning to design all kinds of media was not enough for me I applied and got accepted to the MA course of Media Management at Hyper Island (whoop whoop!!). My brain being filled with knowledge, I decided to channel it all into something productive and gave birth to Reverse Magazine. It’s the combo of the things I love: design, photography, management, lifestyle, skateboard, snowboard, and surf.

Photo by Nicki Antognini
Photo by Nicki Antognini

What do you enjoy working with the most and why?

It’s hard to say… the holy grail is to being able to mix it all. I love to shoot pictures but after a while I find myself wanting to film and edit a motion clip. It’s the same with board sports, I can be stocked on cruising the streets but after a month I will be missing the fresh icy grounds.

What’s best piece of advice you’ve ever given?

Never take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

Photo by Nicki Antognini

What are you looking for when you’re shooting?

Different angles, new approaches, and weird challenges. Board sports are freestyle sports that allow never-ending opportunities. We have the tools, the most crazy people in the world and all kinds of outdoor environments within our team and that makes anything possible! The only boundary is our imagination!

What makes a rider stand out in your opinion?

The thing to really make a rider stand out is their approach to passion. I don’t care if they are the best contest rider, what I love is if the rider is open towards putting together a stylish or crazy shooting. Just like every sport there’s the competitive athletes and the more creative ones who are willing to put some time in doing some crazy stuff.

Photo by Nicki Antognini
Photo by Nicki Antognini

What’s the perfect riding day for you, personally?

Cloudy day with a bunch of stylish riders. Trust me, clouds are your best friends.

Whats the best trick you can pass on for anyone trying to build an igloo?

Believe in what you do! It will get hard at some point, but you are strong enough to suck it up and keep on going.

Thanks a bunch, Nicki!


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