New Playlist ‘Obaa’ or ‘Woman’ featuring African Artists

Listen to the sound of Africa with this freshly curated playlist by Benewaah Boateng from Harmattan Rain in Ghana.

african music | benewaah boateng | Ghana

african music | benewaah boateng | Ghana
In her own words, Benewaah decided to name the playlist “Obaa” (pronounced   /’ɒbɑ:/) which means “woman” in Asante Twi.  Asante Twi is a dialect spoken by the Asante people of Ghana.
The artwork features characters from a piece created by artist Hanson Akatti. Hanson is a Ghanaian designer known for creating many album arts for popular musicians in Ghana. These characters are from the piece ‘Teshie Girls’ which was featured in his 2018 Stargate Odyssey exhibition. The piece represents independent outspoken girls or women who do not conform to societies straight jacket. I selected this piece for the artwork because for me, this is what Girls Are Awesome represents, breaking the status quo and charting your own course. In the same way, the women featured on this playlist are breaking barriers; creating music that isn’t exactly pop music in these parts, and also venturing into a creative industry (one which isn’t exactly seen in a positive light here).

Learn more about Benewaah and her company Harmattan Rain.