New Billie Eilish Short Film Shuts Down Body Shamers

In the short film ‘NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY, the 18 year old speaks unapologetically and hypnotically about the judgement she faces about her clothes and body.

Once again proving her incredible insight to the societal standards unjustly put on her and women in general, Billie Eilish releases a powerful short-film addressing the constant stream of opinions thrown her way about her clothing-size, body, and personal style. 

While slowly disrobing and sinking into a deep pool of black water, she slams the body shaming and fatphobic comments in a hypnotic and strong toned voice. Comments that have followed the young artist from the very beginning of her career. 

After years of being judged for not wanting to be judged, she performs the ultimate rebellious act and sheds the layers, while questioning the importance of the standards and measurements she, and women in general, are held up to. 


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