Partying Sucks, According to Tacocat’s ‘Lost Time’

Your new favorite band, Tacocat, release their new album Lost Time. Gurl go get it.

This week the badass babes in Seattle’s Tacocat are releasing their new album Lost Time. They’ve been killing it lately, putting out the video for their (anti)-party-anthem first single “I Hate the Weekend” two weeks ago and knocking the socks off everyone at SXSW just last week.

Because they are superheroes who apparently never sleep, a few days ago they opened for Bernie Sanders at his Seattle rally, which is probably more legit than opening for any pop star, period.

Fittingly, the pop-punk quartet also wrote the new theme for the reboot of the always-beloved Powerpuff Girls coming to Cartoon Network later this year. In the meantime, you can check out the totally awesome “Lost Time” right now over at Noisey; stream there or be square ?  ?


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