Partying Sucks, According to Tacocat’s ‘Lost Time’

Your new favorite band, Tacocat, release their new album Lost Time. Gurl go get it.

Edited! | New Music | politics

This week the badass babes in Seattle’s Tacocat are releasing their new album Lost Time. They’ve been killing it lately, putting out the video for their (anti)-party-anthem first single “I Hate the Weekend” two weeks ago and knocking the socks off everyone at SXSW just last week.

Because they are superheroes who apparently never sleep, a few days ago they opened for Bernie Sanders at his Seattle rally, which is probably more legit than opening for any pop star, period.

Fittingly, the pop-punk quartet also wrote the new theme for the reboot of the always-beloved Powerpuff Girls coming to Cartoon Network later this year. In the meantime, you can check out the totally awesome “Lost Time” right now over at Noisey; stream there or be square ?  ?

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