Netflix Film ‘Skater Girl’ Shows How Passion Can Change A Young Girl’s Life

Mark your calendars for Friday, June 11th when Netflix’s new original film “Skater Girl” premieres! Check out the trailer and read a bit about the film here.

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Words by Meghna Mathew for Homegrown

“It is incredible how one small step can change the course of someone’s life.”
From ‘Skater Girl’, releasing 11 June on Netflix

Often times, it is the introduction of the smallest thing in one’s life that sets it on a new path altogether –– whether that be one’s first encounter with musicscience or anything that later turns into a way of life.

Set to premier on Netflix India, film ‘Skater Girl’ follows the youth of a girl from an Indian village, who has always had her heart set on gliding on wheels. When introduced to a proper skateboard, her life changes –– and how. The activity and sport adds much more than simply enjoyment to her life –– it allows her to explore a world that she may have never imagined. Giving her confidence, strength and liberty, skateboarding becomes that passion in the young girl’s life that gives her the kind of happiness you only see in fiction.

The film, set to release on 11 June on Netflix, shows promise of being one that is inspiring, eye-opening and also somewhat relatable –– of finding a passion and holding it so close to your heart, that even the toughest circumstances can not seem to snatch it away from you.

Image via Netflix

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