Check Out HUN SOLO, the Concert Concept Unleashing the Power of Women Creating Together

The Danish initiative takes female solo musicians and unites them into basically a bunch of supergroups. Check them out live across the country this autumn.

Are you lacking some vitamin ♀ in your life? If so, we’ve got just the thing for you. The small team behind HUN SOLO, a concert concept combining diverse female talent in music, are back at it again and hosting events all over Denmark over the next few months.

Created by musicians Nana La Cour Jacobi and Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjaerg and music journalist Anya Mathilde Poulsen in 2015, HUN SOLO was initially galvanized to turn the spotlight onto female musicians in the Danish music industry. The concept? Take female solo artists and combine them to play shows together through concerts all over Denmark. The lineup is always alternating, so it’s basically like creating a bunch of mini supergroups throughout the year for your sonic and visual pleasure. They’ve previously worked with the likes of Samaris (Iceland), Fallulah (DK) and Mariam the Believer (Sweden), so they’re definitely not limited to Danish talent. HUN SOLO officially launched on International Women’s Day of 2016 at Roskilde Library; since then, they’ve grown from having small, intimate concerts boasting a humble turnout of about 80 people to hosting sold-out shows in some of Denmark’s biggest concert halls and festivals like Musikhuset Århus, DR Koncerthuset and Roskilde Festival.

Based on the idea of unity and standing up for each other, the name of the organisation is no accident. According to the group, the name HUN SOLO was partially derived from the Star Wars character Han Solo for two reasons: he’s a great  ‘solo artist’, yet also an excellent team worker. So working in snug collaboration, five women who typically create music as solo artists make up this year’s lineup. This season’s HUN SOLO concerts feature electropop artist MENDOZA, singer-songwriter Sys Bjerre, pop artist Cajsa Siik; they also feature HUN SOLO’s co-founders, pop artist Nana Jacobi and composer Kristina Stubbe Teglbjærg, joining the stage.

Check out the program here and if you’re a Copenhagener just like us, don’t forget to get your tickets for the show on 26th of November in DR Koncerthuset. See you there!


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