PREMIERE: IDA KUDO’s Video for “Jinx” Proves You Better Go Hard or Go Home on the Dance Floor

Can we get some squats and shimmies up in here, ladies?

It’s Friday, which means you’re probably gonna find yourself stuck in the depths of some messy club circa 1 am tonight, which means you could probably use a little dance-related motivation to get you revved up. Well, lucky for you, the perfect little slice of IDGAF dancing frenzy has arrived in the form of IDA KUDO‘s video for “Jinx”.

We premiered this track by the Danish-Japanese electropop artist a few months back ’cause, well, it pretty much rules. Jungle-inspired beats, washes of warm harmonies, pummelling energy in the chorus and lethal drum work make it pretty much impossible not to dance to—and the video only adds to the potent combination. The visuals are pretty simple: IDA and another dancer don skeleton-print body suits against a white backdrop, which only occasionally alternates to showcase thick billows of magical green smoke or mysterious men covered in white powder. What’s most compelling, however, is the pace of the editing: timed impeccably to the hooks of the music, the dancers’ bodies contort in all shapes and sizes—alternating between elegance, anger, rowdiness and straight up cavewoman-esque movements.

The whole thing proves you don’t have to blow your budget to make a sick video: together, the essence of the song and the cascading energy of the video make it difficult to look away from—and even more difficult to stop from influencing those IDGAF squats you’ll probs be dropping on the dance floor later tonight.

Check it out here, and start practicing those dance moves, baby.