PREMIERE: Electro-Noise Duo Hysj’s New Track, “Asfalt”, is an Apocalyptic Soundtrack to This Hellbeast of a Year

'Cause you probably need some deliriously angry music to get you through the rest of this insane year.


Dunno about you, but it’s only three months into 2017 and we’re already exhausted. Like, reading about a certain orange dictator doing something near-Orwellian every day is tiring. Hearing about the increasing popularity of super right wing candidates in Europe is not fun. All that, coupled with bleak news about refugees, famines, nuclear threats, etc.kinda makes us wanna ditch keeping up with world updates and hide under the blankets for the next four years. Before we all do that, though, check out “Asfalt” from Norwegian electro-noise duo Hysj—’cause it’s probably the most accurately and satisfyingly apocalyptic-sounding thing we’ve heard so far this year.

With their roots in Oslo’s hardcore scene, Hysj find their niche by clashing together electronic, noise and hip-hop into something danceable, driving and dark. “Asfalt” is a clear example of this daring medley: with textured beats, a pumping rock melody, howling vocals and cacophonic rhythm, the track near-relentlessly speeds forward with impulse and raw emotion. Crystal Castles and Death Grips are definite reference points, but not in a tired way: despite carrying on the blood-curdling elements both those bands mastered, “Asfalt” feels like a morbidly fresh complement to this clusterfuck of a year called 2017.

All doom and gloom aside, “Asfalt” demonstrates that Hysj don’t seem to care about falling into any current musical trends or providing something easy to listen to. In our opinion, that makes them a duo to keep your eye on—and if you agree, get ready for their debut EP Blokers, out March 17th on KOSO Records.