Meet Novelties, Our Favourite New Witchy Songstresses

We heard the LA-based duo's debut track, fell in love and tried to find out everything about them.

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Scrolling through various social medias on a lazy weekend, I found myself hypnotised by two women and their unique brand of enchanting electro pop. Kelly and Sophie make up the emerging LA-based duo, Novelties, and the track is their debut single “Intro From The Other Side.” Seemingly woven out of synths and a touch of dark magic, “Intro From The Other Side” gives us a glance into what promises to be an exciting new class of dark, soulful and, dare we say, witchy pop. We had a chat with Kelly and Sophie to get to know the ladies behind Novelties.

GIRLS ARE AWESOME: Hey girls! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for Girls Are Awesome. Can you introduce yourselves?

Kelly: It’s great to speak with Girls Are Awesome, I’m Kelly Mylod.

Sophie: I’m the other half of Novelties, Sophie Noire. Thanks for having us!

How did you two meet and what are your respective backgrounds?

Sophie: We knew each other for years before we decided to collaborate. Prior to forming the band, I was preparing for the launch of my blog and working on curating content and writing.

Kelly: Before Novelties, I was in the financial services industry and considering pursuing a master’s degree.

What interview question do you hate the most?

Sophie: When I’m asked to compare our music to other artists we sound like.

Kelly: I agree with Sophie, especially since we’re still developing our own sound.

I’m in love with your debut single “Intro From The Other Side”. If you close your eyes and picture the universe that this song embodies, what does it look like?

Kelly: Thank you! I see the song in a more abstract sense. I picture pops of bright colour against a dark cityscape.

Sophie: The song evokes an intriguing visual that becomes more defined with every listen. I picture a futuristic realm with blinking neon signs, metallic stars, and smoky mirrors.

Is there a music video in the works for the track and if so can you give us a sneak peek into what that might look like?

Sophie: Yes, we want “Intro From The Other Side,” to be a visual experience as well.  We recently filmed in Chinatown and are set to premiere the music video soon. The track has such an electric energy to it, so we wanted to capture that feeling through neon lights at night, swaying lanterns, busy streets and Asian architecture.

Kelly: While mixing the song, we kept discussing how we would represent it visually. The vision we had for the music video strongly impacted how we mixed the song in order to maintain movement and a dynamic sonic experience.

How are female artists treated differently than male artists in LA, if at all?

Kelly: So far, we haven’t noticed any differences.

Sophie: Since our interactions are primarily digital, we haven’t been exposed to many people in the music industry to come across any artist issues yet.

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What was your worst “I am not going to make it as a musician” moment, and how did you get over it?

Kelly: Three days after we formed the band, I started playing electric guitar for the first time in 12 years. We had a couple weeks to prepare for upcoming open mic night performances. Within the first five minutes, I could barely strum with rhythm or sing. I looked up and asked Sophie, “Will I be ready in just two weeks?” and Sophie said, “You have to be.” I got over it after the first show when the crowd yelled, “Play one more song!”

Sophie: My doubts snuck in when we were tracking vocals and I noticed my voice sounded different during playback than how I thought I delivered the take. Hearing your voice for the first time on two large speakers was definitely a shocking experience. I got over it by realizing it’s just all part of the recording process.

Do you both work solely on music or do you do some interesting side gigs?

Kelly: Yes, we’re both 100% dedicated to Novelties.

Sophie: Besides songwriting, the band has other elements that we work on constantly such as visuals, styling and creative development.

What music/artist do you two absolutely disagree on and why?

Kelly: Sophie actually loves all the music I listen to.

Sophie: We do like a lot of the same artists and genres but Kelly can’t connect to my classic/hard rock and indie folk playlists.

As budding artists about to be thrust into the limelight, you must have considered doing a social media cleanse. Are you for or against censoring your past on social media and why?

Kelly: Yes, I am strategic with how I want to portray myself on social media, so I keep my digital space minimal and current.

Sophie: Yes, it’s important to have an updated presence on social media since it’s the highest level of exposure. Social media accounts can turn into a graveyard of old posts, broken links and outdated tweets. Deleting your past and revamping your accounts is important to maintain a modern representation of yourself.

What is the most important social platform for budding musicians and do you have any tips for using it?

Sophie: Instagram and Twitter have been the most effective social media platforms for Novelties. Twitter is a perfect space for direct communication and immediate content exposure. Instagram is our space to curate the visual world of Novelties. As far as tips, it’s vital to have a digital presence and promote quality content consistently. As musicians and artists, we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Tumblr, YouTube and Vimeo.

Kelly: SoundCloud has been the best platform to keep track of how our music is being received. I love that there’s a genuine focus on music and the SoundCloud community has offered the most encouraging feedback. My tip would be to display your embed code, stats and enable comments so it’s an open forum.

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What is quintessential “LA music” and do you think “Intro From The Other Side” falls in that category?

Kelly: I’ve learned that “LA music” is whatever you want it to be since there are many different scenes. “Intro From The Other Side” falls into this broad spectrum.

Sophie: We create music under the electro-pop genre because of the pop-infused/digital elements we like from songs on LA radio stations such as ALT 98.7. “Intro From The Other Side” is an introduction to our electro style and definitely falls into an emerging alt-pop category.

What’s your ultimate “This could only happen in LA” story?

Sophie: We had an “only in LA” moment when we met with a producer recently. He told us we were failures for putting our music on SoundCloud because he’s never heard of the platform. Also, he suggested we delete “Intro From The Other Side” since it wasn’t listed on Billboard charts or featured in Rolling Stone.

Kelly: During the meeting in his office, he mentioned several times, “…you’re doing it all wrong. Take down the song.”

What are your mom’s life mottos and how do you live by them?

Sophie: “Follow your bliss.” This motto has always inspired me to pursue my dreams and never look back.

Kelly: “The world is your oyster.” Living by this everyday keeps me from getting discouraged.

Thank you!