Maya Westman’s Video for “Amor Del Mar” is a Silky-Smooth Homage to 80s Pop Queens

It doubles as a fantastic track and an excuse to daydream about a cheesy, romantic escapade on a Miami beach in 1984.

Before you listen to this track, you might wanna know that Copenhagen-based Maya Westman’s Scandinavian parents met on a small Caribbean Island in the beginning of the 80s. You may also appreciate hearing she grew up listening to Steely Dan, Annie Lennox and Peter Gabriel; in fact, his iconic song “Sledgehammer” is her earliest memory of music. As a result, Maya gravitates to music from the 80s; as she puts it, “like a lot of music from the 80s, I want my songs to address all ages and contain many layers of understanding. I’m not afraid of big gestures and high falsetto tones. I want my music to get under your skin.”

Which brings us to “Amor Del Mar”—an unapologetically 80s inspired, beach-appropriate and completely compelling track that I may or may not have listened to on repeat for about an hour already. Sure, everyone and their grandmother seems to be making 80s influenced jams right now—but I can genuinely say that Maya Westman’s is one of the best examples of this wave of music I’ve heard in a while. It might be the fact that she’s clearly a fantastic singer – she’s a student at Copenhagen’s Rhythmic Music Conservatory and used to be a choir girl – with a range and evocative quality that gives Kate Bush a run for her money. Or it might be that the silky smooth synths, relaxed drumming and textured production melds into the sonic version of a swirly vanilla ice cream cone—a crowd pleaser that’s classic, nostalgic, sweet and simply fucking delicious. (FYI Maya produced the track with Lasse Lyngbo, known for coaxing out similarly smooth 80s feels with Vinnie Who.) Take that and combine it with your classic 80s pop ballad song structure, and you have yourself a love song that instantly sweeps you away to daydreams of enjoying cheesy romantic escapades on a Miami Beach in 1983.

The video is equally compelling: thanks to shots of everything from European ruins to white beaches, it oozes sickly sweet romance, ocean-side sparkle and glamorous camp. Staticky, analog-esque effects and close ups of Maya’s expressive and eccentric face transport the whole thing back in time—as if you were watching this on your brand-new TV set, not your tiny iPhone.

To sum it up, “Amor Del Mar” is one of those tracks that uses nostalgia not as a tool to be hip, but as a tool to get under your skin. So go ahead and give Maya Westman’s latest a whirl; at the very least, you’ll probably find yourself floating into summery fantasies of your own amor del mar.