The Girls Are Awesome Guide to Distortion

Some tips for your impeding four days of music and mayhem.

Photo by Abdellah Ihadian from Distortion 2016.

Every year, it kind of boggles our minds that Distortion is even possible in a dainty little city like Copenhagen. Like, it’s pretty much the antithesis to the cult of hygge: for two days, the streets are invaded by people throwing beer cans in the air, everyone you’ve ever met and their grandmother dancing to aggressive electronic music and REALLY LOUD EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. Generally speaking, a healthy engagement in mayhem and debauchery are the minimum expectations from a Distortion attendee – which naturally makes this annual festival deliriously fun.

Whether you’re planning on losing your iPhone and spilling secrets you’ll regret the next morning at the street parties in Nørrebro and Vesterbro, or you’re actually organized and bought tickets for Distortion Ø – we’ve got ya covered with some tips.

Photo by Abdellah Ihadian.

Wednesday, May 31 – Distortion Nørrebro

If you want a quick introduction to the best DJs of the North at the moment and you don’t want to walk around Nørrebro to see all of them, most will be playing at big stage near Nørrebro’s Runddel. Here you can see artists such as Eloq, Serberen and Natalia Barbín – all playing music that will make your body go crazy.

Check out the details here.

Nothing encapsulates summer like the sound of Kingston. Rastaman TOFU and DJ DJ are only a few of the artists who will provide you audio Prozac when they mix reggae classics and new tracks with beats that go straight to the heart.

Check out the details here.

Mike Skinner and Murkage present their club concept Tonga at RUST. Mike summarizes the vibe pretty nicely: “We like to keep the club night as scuzzy as possible, while we’re as baller as we can be,” he says. Well, that’s enough to convince us.

Check out the details here.

Photo by Abdellah Ihadian.

Thursday, June 1 – Distortion Vesterbro

Dj GUL, Glitter Boys and Nannalicious serve danceable music that makes our bodies hate us the next day and our voices sound rustier than shitty, stolen bikes. Pop, R’n’b, house and disco; GAYSTORTION will take us to a place over the rainbow.

Check out the details here.

Get your Jordans on and get ready to tip toe when Riff Raff hits the stage at RUST with “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwwdinz”, or some of the tracks he has made with DIPLO or Action Bronson.

Check out the details here.

Sit on the grass on Sønder Boulevard and enjoy the tunes from the diverse Rope Of Dope line-up. It’s a mix of up coming and more established DJs who are all guaranteed to please your earbuds.

Check out the details here.

Technoheads, rejoice. Culture Box is doing a thing on Sønder Boulevard, which means you can head over and listen to house and techno over a cocktail, provided by Copenhagen faves like Ena Cosovic and Tim Andersen.

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Photo by Abdellah Ihadian.

Friday, June 2 – Distortion Ø

Omar Souleyman (SY)

This dude’s a freaking legend. The Syrian pop star became a European hipster favourite about a decade ago, thanks to the infectious danceability of his dabke music and collabs with the likes of Four Tet. With his trademark bushy mustache, massive sunglasses and minimal at best stage presence, Souleyman’s a nutter, alright—but a nutter you’d be foolish to miss out on.

Catch him at the Royal Container Stage at 21.20.

Tale of Us (IT)

It ain’t Distortion without a decent dose of mesmerizing techno you can sort of just float away into without a care in the world. Tale of Us is the perfect act to help you achieve this goal: with clean production and tunes that consistently swell into infectiously dramatic peaks, they provide techno that’s dark and heavy but still melodic enough even for the techno novices out there.

Catch them at Royal Container Stage between 1 AM and 3 AM.


Need a break from the madness? After some great days drinking lukewarm beer and listening to trap music with the bass turned up to 11, you might be ready for a breather on Friday. Luckily, the DR Symphony Orchestra will take you to faraway galaxies as they perform classic themes from sci-fi movies such as Interstellar, Star Wars, and Alien.

Check out the details here.

Saturday, June 3 – Distortion Ø

Tommy Genesis (CA)

Tommy Genesis is everywhere right now – and we get why. With her laid back, art school cool and fetishlicious flow, she’s a fiery up and coming rapper who is proven to deliver shows that make your head bob and limbs nod.

Catch her at the Red Bull Academy Stage at 23.15.

Okay Funky

This Copenhagen-based crew is NUTS. They play IDGAF levels of rowdy dancehall, reggae, hip hop and basically everything that makes you aggressively shake your butt. It’s cheesy, no doubt, but that’s what makes it brilliant. Muster up that energy, babies, ’cause this one’s gonna be a killer.

Catch them at The Truck at 2 AM.


So it’s Saturday, you’ve been partying your soul away for way too long and your brain feels like mush. We’ve been there. If you want to treat your brain to the sonic version of a relaxing yet energizing massage, take a break with Soleima. The Danish electronic songstresses makes music that melts into your eardrums with an oozing sensuality, pop sensibility and pulsating electronic production.

Catch her at the Redbull Music Academy Stage at 20.30.