Wild Ones’ “Paresthesia” is Happiness in Three Minutes

Despite the heaviness of the subject matter, the song soars as victoriously as a rogue batch of balloons on a sunny day.

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Rita’s Monday Mix

"Music is therapy," says DJ Rita Blue, who serves up a flashback trip filled with emotions and memories.

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Billie Eilish’s “dont smile at me” is an Unexpected Nugget Of Electropop Gold

The growing compilation is a whole lot of feelings in just twelve minutes.

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Haiyti: “I’m a complex person who is difficult to market. My different personalities fight each other for the surface.”

We talked to the German trap artist about aesthetic vision, controlling your image and being original in the age of social media.

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Sally Dige’s New Track, “Holding On”, is an Anthem for Post Punk Aficionados and Dance Floor Divas Alike

The Berlin-based electro-pop artist's latest is a symphony of infectious 80s hooks, soaring synths and powerfully aching vocals.

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Photos From the Girls Are Awesome Boombike – the Diva Edition Playlist Clash!

We gashed in glitter, stretched our vocal chords and shared our grooviest moves to the beat of 90s and 00s diva hits at Roskilde.

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Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg on Making the Change That Possibly Saved Their Band

We asked the band's bassist/vocalist about "changing shit up" and the importance of letting go.

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Roskilde Briefs: Here’s What You Missed at Tinashe

Tinashe brought 90s nostalgia to Roskilde Festival 2017, and we love her for it!

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