We Asked Mums how to Survive at Roskilde Festival With Kids

“You’ll thank your lucky stars for wet wipes when you have unidentifiable shit on your hands.”

Girls Are Awesome | moms knows best | RF17

Mums know best. We can all agree on that, right? So we thought it would be in its right place to ask some of the mums we could find their personal survival tips on how to Survive at Roskilde Festival With Kids, whilst rocking out at the Orange Stage.

Litten and Sonja


How do you survive with a baby at Roskilde?

Litten: “We’ve had our worries, to put it mildly. But people are so nice! They either turn their heads at a distance when we walk by or come running over, yelling “aw, what a sweet baby!”. Oh, and a baby carrier is a must-have.”

What’s your best Roskilde advice in general?

“You know those big plastic cups of red juice you can get on the campground? Those are priceless when you have a hangover.”

Sarah Elizabeth and her three kids


How do you survive with three kids at Roskilde?

Sarah: “It’s a pretty nifty skill to be able to whistle! We always keep an eye out for each other. It’s also a lot of negotiation. I get to hear a bit of music and they get to run around and collect glasses and bottles for deposit.”

What’s your best Roskilde advice in general?

“Wet wipes! No doubt. You’d thank me when you’ve stuck your hand in something you can’t tell what is. They are your most useful tool and they don’t take up space.”

Birgitte and Kastanje


How do you survive with a baby at Roskilde?

Birgitte: “By camping with 25 other friends a couple of miles off the festival site. We know it’s a bit of a cheat but it’s so luxurious. Also, let me introduce you to the family vehicle: the stroller. It’s a three-wheeler but it has two seats and a padded handle. It’s our best investment. Especially when you’re lucky, like us, to have sleepy kids.”

What’s your best Roskilde advice in general?

“Put your phone away and be present. Roskilde is such a multitude of impressions. If you’re constantly watching something on your smartphone, you miss out on the experiences of a lifetime.”

Birgitte and her three kids


How do you survive Roskilde with that bunch?

Birgitte: “It’s actually their first time here. Just buy them a pile of hotdogs and ice cream and then you sit back and relax. Oh, and don’t get drunk with your kids even though it’s tempting at a place like this.”

What’s your best Roskilde advice in general?

“Just relax and enjoy it.”

Camilla and Frederikke


How do you survive with a kid at Roskilde?

Camilla: “It’s actually our first time here! I have two older sons, so I’ve been here throwing them off a couple of years in a row. They’ve been here since last Thursday.”

So what’s your advice for the boys?

“I have this trick. I get them to send me a text message before they go to bed each night. Just to make sure that they’re still capable of using a keyboard. I’ve received the funniest things.”

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