‘Moving Clouds’: Evie Golding’s Invitation to Keep Talking about Mental Health

We’re in love with what Evie Golding and her incredible team have put together in the new piece ‘Moving Clouds’ – Check out the full video here!

evie golding

Evie Golding is an artist on a mission. “Let’s keep sharing our stories, making art, and building healthy intimacy through our vulnerabilities,” she says. “Life and our minds can get overwhelming and distressing at times, everyone’s felt it on different levels, we are all complex, let’s remember this, and that conversation and human connection is healing. ‘Moving Clouds’ is here for all to feel connected, to feel beauty, to let go and to appreciate emotion & expression.”

‘Moving Clouds’ a poetic film directed by Evie Golding for world mental health day. It’s a reflection on the beauty in vulnerability, the power in expression and with the aim to connect individuals through visceral art – and while it was released to coincide with the global conversation about mental health, Evie and her team hope that ‘Moving Clouds’ will serve as a daily reminder to make space for discussions about mental health. Check out the full video here:

This piece is also a comment on letting go, of accepting that hard times will come, but they will always leave too. It’s a part of being human, to feel, to fall, to rise, and for emotion to flow. Some of us feel that more deeply than others, but in Evie’s opinion, she finds the depths of emotion and being able to express an incredibly beautiful part of being human: 

“If you find expression difficult, that’s where conversation and therapy come into place,” she says. “I’m very expressive but I still go to therapy, I genuinely think everyone should. It’s about doing the work and building personal awareness. That’s how you can get to healthy levels of expression, for yourself and those around you.” 

evie golding

Healthy conversation is healing and vulnerability builds intimacy, sharing will only bring you closer to people. We should all try to integrate this into our everyday lives more. So that when we or someone around us is struggling it isn’t so much of an internal turmoil to vocalise and express what’s going in within. 

“Although ‘Moving Clouds’ was created for world mental health day, I believe the conversation around mental health should be continuous,” Evie told us. “There are so many different mental health conditions and struggles, yet there is still stigma about the struggles of emotions and the mind. I would love to continue through my art to break this, for people to feel connected or to take action. I am a massive mental health advocate and it would bring me so much joy to live in a world where mental health is accepted and has more attention, empathy and action surrounding it.” 

“From the seedling of this idea, I had to make a poetic dance piece and merging mental health with it, to really pin point the power and beauty in expression, to finalising the project, it was completed in three weeks,” Evie mentions in closing. “I had an amazing team to help achieve this and was supported by great companies. I’m very proud of this piece and the joy and support there was in making it.” 

The team behind the art:
Director – @ev_golding
Director of Photography – @tasha_duursma
Writer & Poet – @thenastypoet
Dancer & Choreographer – @georgiemcguigan
Gaffer – @george.tsamis95
BTS Photography – @chesca_photo
Runner – @dreawsm
Music Production – @1oliverhenry
Editor – @shabnam.nimi
Colourist – @isabellepaynecolourist
Scanned – @digital_orchard

With support from:
Kodak @kodak@kodak_shootfilm
Pixipixel @pixipixeluk
The Bottle Factory @thebottlefactory
Fabrix @fabrixlondon
Onsight ltd @onsight_ukltd

Want more from Evie Golding? We get it! She’s one of our favorite poets (and humans!) and we were so pleased to share her powerful piece “Daddy Issues” earlier this year. You can check it out here, and make sure to give her a follow over on Instagram!


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