Moons and Junes’ New Campaign ‘UNAPOLOGETIC’ Is For All Women

Catch an exclusive first look at the latest collection from Danish intimates brand, Moons and Junes, bathed in body-positive, comfortable styles.

Danish intimates brand Moons and Junes is presenting a new collection of goodies that are adorned with the femme-fierce touch of sensual styles and sultry comfortability. The collection is all about embracing – both literally and figuratively – the natural bod of the female-identifying person and the crucial necessity of wearability when it comes to intimates. Staying in touch with consumers of all shapes and sizes – and keeping with OG Moons and Junes brand goals, the new styles are built off of feedback from real women. This intimate approach to intimates is reflected by their choice in models for the campaign as well, aptly titled “Unapologetic”.

We spoke with founder Agnete Bjerre-Madsen about the creative ideation behind these latest styles, the process of choosing models, embracing female sensuality and more.

Photos by Petra Kleis
Makeup Art by Ayoe Nissen

So tell us, what is the major concept behind your latest collection?
With ‘UNAPOLOGETIC’, we are exploring what it means to be exactly that. As women and femmes, we are not taught how to express ourselves unapologetically. Especially not when we’re dressing down, being sexual – or when the two intersect. It is a collection designed to explore female and femme sexuality, in all its nuances and in all its forms. This collection is different from anything we’ve ever done before, which is nerve-wracking and exciting!

What was the process like, getting it together? How did it all unfold?
Wush, it’s a long and tedious process of constant iteration. At the beginning of the process, our designer, Emma Beuchert, and I float in a big beautiful creative landscape where the sky’s the limit. This is my favorite part of the process, as we get to truly play and explore various ideas. When we have our initial drawings down, a strong concept and a good gut-feeling sampling begins. Here we discuss fabrics, accessories, colors and textures. When we have pinned the full look, we begin testing the products. We test the product by hosting focus groups and fittings with people in various sizes. This is the most time-consuming part of the process. We usually work on five prototypes with our manufactures in order to perfect the fit of the product.

The iterative process is incredibly important for us, as we want our bras to accentuate the wearer’s curves, rather than ‘creating new ones’. So when you put on one of our pieces, you’ll feel that you’re your bra adapts to your body – it’s not meant to work the other way around!

As a designer and creator, what are your biggest considerations when you’re creating these undergarments?
The wearer. We’re devoted to providing high quality intimates, that aren’t just designed to look good; they’re catered for your body and your needs. In order to do so, we keep going back to our wearers. They are the people who bring the product to, and so it is that it well-fitting. And for that reason, our previous two collections have been customer collaborative, which means that we’re in dialogue with our community in the development process. Through our Instagram (@moonsandjunesofficial) we learned what our community want from their underwear and where they thought we could improve. We’ve been in touch with more than 50 women who’ve helped us out with focus groups and the fittings we described above! It’s because of all this assistance and feedback that our new product line e.g. has larger cups and thicker straps.

What was your main goal in the overall presentation?
We knew that we wanted to explore a new direction with Moons and Junes – a more playful and sensual one. We wanted to capture the feeling of being ‘unapologetically’ yourself. So for this collection specifically, we spent a lot of time exploring what it means to be that and how it look in a million different ways.

We wanted to create products that makes you feel sexy without altering your physical appearance. Fierce, statement pieces that could both tease, but that are also so comfortable and well fitting, that they could also be worn day-to-day. The Venus bra for instance captures the dual-purpose beautifully, as it has an opening at the centre of the chest, which can be used both for nursing and for play.

For the campaign to capture the myriad ways we can unapologetically express ourselves, we decided to invite models from various walks of life. Each model got to express what being unapologetic meant to them in a big clod-like bed. The vibe was so empowering and playful that our make-up artist Ayoe Nissen decided to have a go in front of the camera herself (it was priceless). And all while the genius photographer that is Petra Kleis captured their individuality beautifully on film. The entire team truly managed to bring our vision to life.

What are your biggest inspirations in the current collection?
Our inspiration comes from all the bomb beings that keep living their lives unapologetically!

We have customers that support our movement by sharing unedited pictures of themselves wearing their Moons and Junes. If you go to our Instagram (@moonsandjunesofficial) 85% of what you’ll see has been generated by users. And if you visit our Bits and Boobs campaign, you’ll find a gallery that aims normalizing lumps and bumps by creating a collection of boobs from all over the world. This means that we weekly receive pictures from women and femmes who share pictures of their chest areas to contribute. We are so lucky to have an empowering and vibrant community who trust us with their content.

On top of that we’ve been inspired by influencers and activists who through their platforms manage to dissolve taboos, create communities and amplify voices. An example of this is the bombshell of a human being, Amalie Have, who we’ve been fortunate to work with on multiple occasions.

All in all, it’s been very inspiring for us to see people owning all of themselves, standing up for themselves – whatever that looks like to them in that moment.

Where does your passion for lingerie come from?
Ha, for as long as I can remember I was drawn to the beautiful women in lingerie adverts. I loved how sexy, confident and flawless they looked. Thinking back on my teen years, I (like oh-so-many others) suffered from low self-esteem and body insecurities. As a flat-chested woman, striving to look like your classic lingerie model, push-up became my go-to. I continuously found myself compromising with myself in order to fit into the socially constructed ideal of beauty.

It was when I was around 18 I started noticing that my underwear encouraged me to ‘change’ my physical appearance. My bras created an illusion at the centre of my chest by making breasts appear bigger, firmer and rounder. I hated it. I realized that it was incredibly difficult for me to find intimates that were truly comfortable, that didn’t distort my look, that didn’t dig into my skin, that didn’t change my body, that celebrated my individuality. I needed something that put emphasis on my own curves rather than creating ‘new’ ones, you know?

Would you ever branch out to mainstream fashion? What or who are your biggest influences right now, in fashion?
No, I don’t think so. If we ever branch into ‘fashion’ it would be through merch of some sort. Moons and Junes in an intimates brand, this is what we’re good at and what we’re continuously working on perfecting. There is such a need for women owned brands in this industry, which is still predominantly dominated by men.

What is your parting advice to the girls, women, all ages, races, gendered folks out there?
There’s no right or wrong way to exist in this world. Follow your instinct and go with your gut.

Thanks, yo!


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