Mica Oh on Black History Month, Intersectional Feminism and Anti-racism

Mica Oh is on the front lines of intersectional feminism and anti-racism education in Denmark, and she sat down with us to share about activism, the future, her role models and how to keep our strength up in this fight!

mica oh black history month

Mica Oh is one of our all-time role models around here at Girls Are Awesome, and for good reason. She’s one of the leading voices in Denmark when it comes to intersectional feminism, Black feminism and anti-racism. Through her lectures, courses, her work on social media and her newly-founded school, Denmark’s Intersectional Institute, she’s at the forefront of helping all of us to gain the tools we need to put our antiracism and our intersectional feminism into practice. And she has a message for all the young people out there, who are fighting for a more just and equitable future: “You are not alone.”

Sit back and learn from this interview with our very own Thandi Allin Dyani, in conversation about everything from Black History Month to white feminism to the revolutionary elders who give them the strength to keep going. 

Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen


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