Meet MishCatt, Costa Rican Synesthetic Artist on the Rise

We had the chance to speak with Mish of MishCatt about her recent song ‘Midnight Sun’, her journey through broken emotions and growing up in a musical household.

Costa-Rican-born, LA-based artist MishCatt is the one to hear with alt-indie grooves to shimmy your way from Monday to Sunday. Her journey with music mastery basically started at birth; her father, a composer and jazz pianist and her mother a singer, Mish was never far from music as a means to express and revel in the depths of emotion. The depth of feeling can be felt in singles like “Another Dimension”, an upbeat paradise that embraces an alternate sensory perspective innate to Mish’s understanding of the world. Her synesthetic capabilities are essential to her musicianship, adding a level of texture that is evident throughout her work.

One of MishCatt’s latest releases is “Midnight Sun”, a dynamic tune that captures her journey of pain and the nuances of living life. We spoke to this multi-talented creator about the themes in her music, her musical upbringing and the effects of her unique sensory perception on her music. Read on below!

Firstly, your amazing single, ‘Midnight Sun’ – can you explain the story behind the song?

Thank you so much! This song is a journey through broken emotions, a journey to find a light, the morning, the sun, a place where I finally feel energized and alive. I realized I don’t want to bottle up emotions anymore, and that the most important thing is to be honest with yourself. Find what heals you the most and let it take you to where your soul is craving to be. It is essential to finding a balance you’re comfortable with, because at the core, your mental health is the only thing that matters. And I would like to believe that this whole EP is about a journey to get in touch with one’s intuition, exploring each stage through every song.

Can you describe your concept with the music video? It’s awesome!

Thank you so much. So, it starts under the sea, I’m with this monkey, (Catt), who is driving the car, and it represents my intuition, I’m just the passenger. Being under the sea represents that I’ve been scared of going out in the world. In my head, I’ve been hiding my emotions, but finally I let my intuition drive the car and get out of my deep sea to take me toward the bright light. It’s quite complicated and convoluted, so it works as a purple girl and her blue monkey going on a crazy space adventure. But to me, it has a lot more meaning packed into it.

Speaking generally, how would you describe your relationship to music?

It’s a beautiful relationship. We respect each other as long as we are honest with each other. But it always has its ups and downs.

What initially drew you towards music? Were you always drawn to this form of expression or did it develop gradually?

My father is a pianist and composer, does jazz mostly and has always had a studio, so that place was basically my playground when I was growing up. My mom is a singer, and she would always sang to me, I guess it started from there. Then of course, Disney… I was a total Disney kid, haha. That made me want to sing but also explore acting and dancing. I would do shows and short films all the time. For me, it’s not just music, it’s a mix of expressive arts, but music is definitely the nucleus.

So you’re synesthetic – when did this arise (or when did you notice it) and how does it affect your music?

I thought it was normal, but my Dad’s friends would notice it every time I tried to explain how I saw music, they thought I was smoking weed at a very young age, haha. I’ve always experienced music in a very amplified way, the more perspectives you can find in something, the more interesting, so yeah, it affects my music and life in general in a good way. I hope.

How does your writing process typically go? Is it usually the same or does it differ, depending?

I just need to have a lot of chemistry with who I write with, the process varies, just like how any conversation varies. It’s like asking how do you start talking when you are going to make a conversation? You don’t know, you may have some conversation strategies or specific points you want to talk about, but if there is no good ping pong with the other person, it won’t go deep enough. What I love with collaborators is the perfect ping pong of creativity. No one wants to play ping pong with a golf enthusiast.

What inspires you the most about the world?

What fascinates me is how much our individual experiences can vary. Everyone’s reality is different, and how we manage to interpret and communicate our vastly different worlds is what makes creativity such an important aspect of our society.

Speaking on the new EP, how did it come together, is it still a work-in-progress or has it materialized already?

I’ve been working on this EP with Pontus Winnberg for some time now, and it’s been a good process that has lead me to not rush the music, but learn to understand and appreciate it as it develops. Excited to release more music we made.

What are some of the themes you’re working with in the new EP? Any life lessons tied in from the last year or so to hash out in the next installment?

This whole EP has sort of a self love story line. If you read the lyrics, it’s completely open to interpretation, but personally for me it’s about that. Each song represents a different stage, a different encounter in the mirror.

What’s next for you?

Very excited to be writing and releasing new music. Some shows down the line, and some secret new music for those who can come. Need to get back to Costa Rica soon, would love to play some shows there. But who knows, it’s going to be a fun year 🙂

Finally, any parting words of wisdom or advice to fellow women, creative folks, or just people in general? What advice would you offer yourself?

I am no one to give the best advice, but I guess, choose wisely what and who you surround yourself with ’cause that influences a lot in the quality of your decisions.


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