Meet Maria Thomsen From Too Hard

Hear what the latest edition to the self-proclaimed ‘most badass girl-only snowboard crew’ out there has to say about Whistler, shredding mashed potatoes and losing teeth.

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Hailing from a fishing village on the west coast of Denmark, Maria Thomson got bitten by the snow bug early, and after moving to Whistler, B.C., became part of the infamous Too Hard crew. We caught up to hear exactly how hard Too Hard is.

FridaBerglund - Maria COCPhoto: Frida Berglund

Maria! You are from Esbjerg in Denmark, right? That’s far from most of the amazing resorts in the world. What led you to Whistler in particular?

I came to Whistler for the first time when I was still at business college. Some buddies of mine did a season in Whistler, and I decided to take some time off school to go visit. I was blown away by snowboarding and this magical place, so I knew I had to come back.

I remember going to Whistler and thinking it might possibly be the raddest resort I’ve ever seen. And that was before the Peak to Peak Gondola opened. How has that changed the hill?

Yes, Whistler sure is rad. I’m not sure if the Peak to Peak Gondola has changed the hill much. Before, you sort of picked one of the hills, either Blackcomb or Whistler to ride for the day, whereas now you can just take the gondola to the other hill without wasting too much time.

12591892_10153753649160090_1182979299_oPhoto: Toby Cowley

Also on that trip it dumped so hard that we were the last plane to land before they shut the airport. Then the 170cm of freshies turned into 90cm of mashed potatoes after it pissed down. Is that normal?

Haha, yes, it’s normal. I mean we have amazing powder days, but if it’s too hot it turns to rain, so it all depends on if it’s a cold winter or not. A lot of the time you can go all the way to the peak and it will be snowing on top and you just have to ride through some “mashed potatoes” on your way down.

So does it get tracked out super fast on real pow days?

The mountain does get tracked really quickly, but as a local we can usually find fresh powder for a little bit longer than the tourists.

How did the Too Hard posse initially connect?

Too Hard started when Peep Show died (RIP). Danyale used to film with June and Esther for Peep Show and then they stopped making videos and Danyale started Too Hard.

What makes Too Hard too hard?

A bunch of  of talented and bad ass girl riders. The name is ironic, like most of our stuff, we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously.

FridaBerglund - Maria Campofchampions1Photo: Frida Berglund

A friend of mine had a crew in Whistler called The Ponies. They rode around the town on ’80s mountain bikes. Are they still holding it down?

The Ponies – I don’t think they exist anymore, it’s possible that I live in a bit of a snowboard bubble, but I haven’t heard of them.

The Ponies were both girls and guys. Is Too Hard exclusively for girls?

Too Hard is just for girls. There’s enough crews out there for guys – we need to promote girls snowboarding, it’s underrated.

maria_frontboard_msa_quebec copyPhoto: Joanie Robichaud

So you’re one of the newer members of the Too Hard crew. Did you have an initiation ceremony? Like you have to front board a staircase, or down 7 margaritas?

I didn’t have a ceremony, I must have been cool enough – or not, for that matter.

Too Hard is known to be the baddest girl crew in snowboarding. If another crew came and was equally as badass, what would the battle look like?

I think jetpack is pretty badass too, they’re like a girl crew of rail-riders who are killing it, pretty similar to Too Hard I’d say, and I think that’s awesome. I mean, the more crews there are the more competition there is, and the more we’ll push girls snowboarding, which is the goal!

For me part of what makes the movies so special is the amazing graphics. Who does those?

Danyale Patterson does all the editing for the movies; she’s awesome at it.

I know you’ve got a glacier up there, so your season must be pretty long, but don’t you get cabin fever up there in that tiny village? What do you get up to when the snow melts?

The glacier here just ended; we had a Too Hard season at Camp of Champions, it was awesome. Summer here is pretty amazing actually, there’s so much stuff to do other than snowboarding. We go camping, canoeing, hiking, biking… there’s so many beautiful places in BC, it’s insane.

160707_AR_6010_MariaportraitPhoto: Ashley Rosemeyer

Tell me about that tooth.

Sometimes snowboard just gets the best of you. I lost it while riding camp of champions this summer.

So right now it’s August. What are you doing for summer?

I just got a mini ramp in my backyard and I have a big veggie garden which I spend a lot of time in. Also I hang out with my family. I have a two year old son, so it’s almost nice to be able to take a break from snowboarding and relax.


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