Meet Kodie Shane, a.k.a. Rap Music’s Most Prolific Weirdo

The first lady of Lil Yachty’s sailing team breaks out on her own.

You may recognize Kodie Shane from Lil Yachty‘s sailing crew, of which she’s a member. Or you may not—which is also fine, because Kodie is a force to be reckoned with in her own right.

Hailing from Atlanta, the rapper and artist has been submerged in the entertainment industry for most of her life. Her sister, who used to work with TLC, played a huge role in her early exposure to music, and from an early age Kodie was certain that it was what she wanted to do. Now, after joining the sailing crew, she’s been gaining traction like never before. According to her, part of what allows for this follow-through is that the scene itself is like it never has been before. In particular, she pinpoints a significant change in the acceptability of individual difference: that eccentricities can now be seen as an advantage rather than disadvantage. In Kodie’s own words, “we’re all just different and that’s what I feel like is the most significant fact in the music right now: nobody is scared. Back then, it was like girls would be scared to say what they really wanted to say. That’s how I feel things have changed, people breaking and entering, trying not to be scared.”

Considering the increasing blending of genres and styles—rap with classical, street with high-brow or avant-garde—breaking with convention to experiment with music in idiosyncratic ways does indeed seem to be much more common now. However, it could also be said that Kodie herself is playing a role in this evolving state of affairs. With a strong and self-assured individuality, she provides a bridge between classic hip hop and modern millennialism, often overlaying throwback beats with honest emotions à la mode.

Heads have been turning Kodie’s way with increasing speed ever since she released her EP Little Rocket a few months ago. “Losing Service“, the most recent hit from her EP, details a state of affairs we know all too well: needing to unplug from the internet and spend a hot minute pulling a Walden’s Pond to mentally recuperate. It comes hot on the heels of her summer single “Drip On My Walk“, which highlights her natural ability to mix old school influences with the new. She’s setting a new standard with her work, and as her popularity expands, so too do the possibilities for pushing the envelope of what was previously considered unorthodox or impossible in the rap world. In the meantime, it’s obvious that Kodie is just at the beginning of what is bound to be a prolific and multifaceted career. We’re just lucky to have the opportunity to watch and listen along with her.


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