Meet HI ON LIFE, the Brand Stitching Together Ghanaian Heritage & Scandi Streetwear

Hey, club kids: your perfect techno-party-and-chill outfits have arrived.



Ferocious prints and eye-popping colours. Deliciously roomy cuts and simple lines. A look that seems particularly well suited for raving to acid techno in some industrial dungeon—but could also function as a subtly stylin’, Sunday hangover outfit. Yep, that pretty much sums up the latest collection from HI ON LIFE—a Swedish brand with a heavy and unique Ghanaian influence.



The collection, named H.O.L.2.0.3., was designed and made in Ghana, where the company has been based since 2015. Inspired by the colourful atmosphere of the country, its celebrations and its lush street-life, the unisex line reflects that heritage—but also adds in a hyper-contemporary club mentality with a touch of Scandi streetwear. H.O.L. also honours Ghanaian heritage as much as it reflects it: the brand is trying to galvanize Ghana’s rich textile and tailoring culture, which was damaged by the invasion of cheap mass-produce low quality imports. To counter this history, the brand works with independent tailors piece by piece—which results in a collection full of truly unique pieces and detailed fusions of influences.




This uber-ethical approach is the brainchild of the brand’s founder and designer, Malin Busck. Trained as a textile designer, she left her job after ten years to pursue HOL to the fullest. “ Fashion for me is a complicated interest, kind of a guilty pleasure,” she says. “I love it and I hate it. I really get a thrill from the creative, playful part and I love to see things on the runway and in magazines etc. But I hate the negative effects that capitalization and mass-production have brought to it with over-consumption, environmental destruction and un- human working conditions as a result. That shit I don’t want to be part of!”




If that’s an attitude you can get down with and you can see yourself rockin’ these threads, order yourself some treats through Facebook and soon through their website.