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In order to showcase the fam, elevate the fantastic people around us and get closer to you guys, we’ve chosen to get up close and personal with some insightful, talented, fun, and go-getting people on a weekly basis on Instagram Live.

Conversation and communication is the root of all connection and sometimes just getting to look at a face can offer so much more to that interpersonal (and international) love we all should be practicing. It’s all in the details and sometimes noticing a microexpression, catching the tone in a voice, seeing a slick smile, or hearing a full belly-laugh is the thing to make you fall in love.

Enter Instagram Live. On a monthly basis, we want to give space to some fantastic people so they can share their stories, points of view, and life tips based on their unique experiences and perspectives.

The Live sessions will be hosted by our very own and very compassionate Kirstine Engell, where she’ll guide you and the person in focus through a narrational journey of what makes that person special. Each Sunday you can lean back, tune in, and join the conversation with our weekly guest.

Check out the schedule for May below:

Sunday the 10th of May, 8:00 PM CET.

Self-image vs. Society’ with Anne Fisker.

We had a chance to chat to meet Anne Fisker, badass boss, skater, and surfer. She went live with us and enlightened us all with a talk about living with, what she called, “a minor physical difference” her cleft palate.
After climbing the pretty hardcore fashion ladder, Anne has been working as a project manager and graphic designer at Kim Grenaa, PR & marketing manager at Louise Roe and now she’s buzzing as the head of PR and marketing for JUST FEMALE.
Working in the fashion industry hasn’t always been all peachy and candyfloss pink. But on a board, everything flows differently and that’s where her love for surfing and skating kicked in. Anne got her first skateboard as a confirmation gift and she’s been hooked ever since.

Sunday the 17th of May, 7:00 PM CET.

Think Tank with Rin Rin.

Rin is a multi-creative that has the approach to life that just jumping in there, doing the things you want, and getting your creativity out there is the best approach. She’s had her hands on projects of all sizes, from smaller-scale initiatives like designing her own jewellery, clothing, books and art to bigger endeavours like being a brand strategist and fashion consultant in some of the biggest fashion houses in Italy and London.
Rin is an octopus human with a lot of creative hats on. We’ll be chatting with her on how creativity feels like and how to manoeuvre being the kind of person who’s just inspired to do a lot.

Sunday the 24th of May, 8:00 PM CET.

Colourful Think Tank’ with Pernille Rosenkilde.

Pernille is one of those people where passion and business are interchangeable in her life. We’ll be chatting to her about staying authentic in your work (hers being Commercial Director of Eurowoman), about following your vision, and the highs and lows of being in the fashion industry.

Her take on social media is quite a refreshing one too. She wouldn’t advise anyone to embark on creating a presence on social media if the end game is only to acquire fame. Her advice is to build it on whatever it is that you love and let it thrive in that way. We’ll be chatting with her on how to tap into that thing you love and what her relationship to vintage clothes is like, considering that she’s also just opened her own online shop.

Sunday the 31st of May, 8:00 PM CET.

‘Sustain Our Seas’ with Rowan Henthorn.

On this Sunday, we’ll be chatting to Rowan, a marine scientist whose mantra is: “together we can rise above plastic”. She’s been crossing the Great Pacific Ocean with the nonprofit organization Exxpedition. An all-female sailing voyage crew, investigating ocean plastic pollution and helping people use their skills to solve the ever-growing and relevant problem.
We’ll be talking to Rowan straight from Isle of Man about how climate change is the biggest issue of our time and how we all, by taking big or baby steps, can change the world together. 

And if you miss any of these, then no need to lose your cool! We’ll be posting a “this is what you missed” written piece every following Monday.

If you feel like you’ve got an interesting story to tell through our live channel, then please feel free to DM us here.


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