Madame Gandhi, Inspiring Artist And Activist

We had the chance to get up close and personal with Indian-American artist Madame Gandhi and spoke about empowering women and herself through music.

Photo by Marie V. Oleinik

Artist and activist Kiran Gandi, AKA Madame Gandhi is a boundary-pushing badass; from writing, producing, and performing rhythmic manifesto-like songs, to her outspoken advocacy for womankind, to casually running the Boston marathon free-bleeding (which no one will ever stop talking about, but hey, it’s fricken awesome), she embodies her own version of femininity and encourages others to do the same. Generally speaking, in a society obsessed with neat categories and needless dogma, women have often been stymied, fetishized or pitted against one another. Madame Gandhi is here to help us all wade through the mess and lead the way towards equality and celebrating the fullest experience of being a woman.

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to spend some time with Madame herself and get some insight into her creative process. Besides making dope music, Madame Gandhi is someone who invests time and passion into the message, allowing it to come to life on stage and IRL. For example, in order to embrace the harmony in female collaboration, her band and crew is made up of entirely female-identifying people and yes, the magic is measureless. Be sure to catch more of the details in the video below, filmed and edited by Emma Ishøy:



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