Lose Yourself in ‘Nothing Can Compare’ From Agnes

This badass EP from Swedish experimental electro-pop artist will sweep you off your feet and make you dance at the same damn time.

Agnes | Album | creative

Swedish experimental pop artist, Agnes, has released an ephemeral EP this season called “Nothing Can Compare”, which submerges the listener into a whole new world of her own creating. Staying true to the disco-dance-pop sound that colors her early career with songs like “When You Tell The World You’re Mine” and “Release Me” making waves in the Scandinavian music scene and beyond, “Nothing Can Compare” takes it to the next level with an edgier perspective on dance music. Agnes’ already impressive track record is elevated with an atmospheric intensity that conveys the same buildup and release, allowing you to let loose and move with the music. “On the dance floor everyone is equal, and it’s all about the here and now and just being,”” Agnes says. “This is pop music as it should be: without any rules.”

Feel free to pop on a pair of headphones and allow yourself to sink into the mise en scène of the production as a whole; the EP from start to finish feels something like a collage of cohesive moments from one wild night out dancing with friends and strangers to boot. Within the music, Agnes captures the highs and the lows (mostly the highs) of intuitive, visceral humanness without judgment. We spoke with Agnes about the process behind the EP, her relationship to music and when she feels most inspired.

Hi Agnes! First of all, your awesome EP “Nothing Can Compare”. What made this all come together?

Thank you! it’s been a journey. I took a break for a couple of years to have time to travel and do other things outside of the music world. When I came back and felt ready to release new music again, I had written and created for quite some time. I started to put the songs I had in different ‘boxes’ and every box had its own feeling to it. So what then became the box for ‘Nothing Can Compare’, was very clear to me; this was the music I wanted to release first and to start with because the feeling of it is so much of what I was going through when I had just started my break, all the thoughts and emotions.

How would you describe your relationship to music?

Music for me is everything, I love it, it pushes me to do new things, it makes me frustrated, it makes me reflect on life and it heals me. It’s like being in a relationship with a person and you learn new things every day.

What were your biggest inspirations for the EP?

The need of liberation and 70s club music.

One of things I hear in the EP is like a push and pull, or a build-up of tension and release. Can you speak on that – is this an intentional choice in the production and layout of the EP or just pure magic? 🙂

I’m happy you say that! Yes, it is my intention. I love to combine the simplicity of dance together with bigger existential thoughts. Life is not always easy, and I think you can release tensions and stuff that need to come out through dance. Your body is smart and if you listen to it, it tells you things.

Agnes | Album | creative

What’s your process usually like as a producer?

So different every time. I work in Logic, so sometimes I just put together a simple beat to start with or play on the piano. I like to come up with ideas first before I work with other people, then I know the “core” is already there. Sometimes I choose an instrumental from an already existing song and make a new song on top of it and afterwards we make a new instrumental track. An advice for people who can’t play any instrument :).

What’s on your playlist at the moment – what kind of music do you listen to on the reg?

At home, I listen to a lot of instrumental music. A band I‘m in love with at the moment is Khruangbin. I like everything from Kanye West to Cesaria Evora, Tame impala, Boney M, Rhye, Nina Simone… The list gets loooong.

One of the standouts from the EP is the song “Nothing Can Compare”. What was the process like for this one?

Actually, this was a song where I took an exciting instrumental and made a new song on it. I wasn’t thinking at all when I sat down and started, I just started singing and this is what came out.

When would you say you feel most inspired?

When I get most ideas is actually while I‘m in the car driving… not very safe, when you’re trying to record something while you’re driving :S haha. Emotions inspire me, life, struggles, friends.

Any advice or words of wisdom for fellow female creatives, girls or women in general?

The most important thing is to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. When you know that, try to put as much of your time on doing things you are good at, things that make you happy and where you can shine. The rest, look around you, do you have friends and colleagues that can help you with the rest? Don’t put yourself in a position where you don’t belong. That will make you fade. Where do you shine… Do that and shine on forever and ever.

What’s next for you?

Right now, I’m in the studio working with the music that will come out early next year and planning live performances.

Sounds awesome, cheers bb!


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