Lizzo Can Twerk While Playing the Flute

Get your eyes and ears ready for some serious talent and hilarious swag for days.

Photo by Campbell Addy

Maybe you know this multitalented queen from her sassy female energy-infused soul music, her outspoken body-positivity in an industry where it’s sample-size central or her eternally on-point Instapresence. Either way, you should know that she can, in fact, twerk while perfectly playing the flute.

Her latest exclusive release on SoundCloud named after her signature catchphrase, “Bye Bitch”, went viral after someone captured it at one of her concerts and it started a massive trend. So she made it into an official thing with the hashtag #FLUTEandSHOOT and all of a sudden people were shouting her on IG, posting magical or ridiculous videos of themselves twerking and attempting the flute riff in the song, right up to that boisterous trap drop. She even got a shoutout and honorary Grammy win from Tina Fey. Dead.

Here’s the original:

Some more gold…

That’s all!

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URSULA RATCHET AF ???????????? tag @Disney

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