LIMITED EDITION LS TEE: Girls Are Awesome x Randi Hagemann

Get your hands on our first collab with illustrator Randi Hagemann

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We’re in love with Randi Hagemann, and that’s absolutely not gonna change.

That’s why we’re super excited to launch our first collab with the illustrator: The limited edition Don’t Snake Randi Hagemann LS Artist Tee – Available NOW.

We caught up with her a few days ago to give y’all a little taste of her process and her work. Check out the mini-interview below, and grab your tee at our webshop here.

Your drawing is amazing. How’d you find your style?

I’m fascinated by the dualism between science and the otherworldly, which is where I get my primary inspiration. On one hand, I’m drawn to science in all its glory – fauna, flora and technology. Abnormal mutations, dying stars and ear infections… Hallelujah! Likewise, I’m captivated by everything that science can’t explain (yet) – the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect, mysterious events, the paranormal, all things demonic and uncanny.

art | artist | collab
Photo: Randi Hagemann

There’s a lot of death and melancholia in your work. How come?

I guess one explanation is that I often feel most inspired when I’m in a melancholic state of mind. Childhood experiences with horror movies and sci-fi might have played a big part in it as well. Since I was a small child fumbling with bulky VHS tapes, I’ve been obsessed with horror and sci-fi together with everything strange, scary and unknown. 

The parental guidance warnings on the label didn’t do much to hinder me back then and my parents quickly gave up on stopping me.  

art | artist | collab
Photo: Randi Hagemann

But I don’t necessarily think it’s always about death. It’s more about the transformation from life into nothingness. It’s the eternal turning of the wheel, nature’s inevitable and mesmerizing circle. My works also deal with life before birth and inversely dwell on the thought about future life that has yet to come into existence.

Any advice for aspiring artists out there?

Never stop worshiping the absurd dark repulsive grotesque nerdy shit.

But also admit that you love to swing your limbs around to Justin Bieber when shitfaced on bootleg vodka, and that you just want to watch brainless reality shows and lifestyle programs the next four months.

art | artist | collab
Photo: Randi Hagemann

Are you seeing what we’re seeing? We thought so.
Grab your limited edition Girls Are Awesome x Randi Hagemann Don’t Snake LS Tee at our webshop and rock with pride.


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