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This installment of Lili’s (@chili-lili) Insta Inspo is brought to you by: Photographers exhibiting their captivating art in their IG feed.

It’s no secret that an artist’s ability to create and present their art has changed rapidly with the evolution of the world wide web, and within that, Instagram serves as only a partial glimpse into an artist’s world and mind. Luckily, we are blessed by a lot of truly fascinating and beautiful souls who allow us to explore their universe simply by scrolling through their feed. A list of inspiring art and aesthetics on IG could be endless, but for now let’s focus on these really talented women who work with photography:


Having a first look at aleia’s feed, it took me a while to realize what’s so special about her photos and videos.

After first look at her photos, it became obvious that she reproduces little tiny versions of houses, places, and things. Not only does she make these incredibly beautiful and stylish spaces with the greatest attention to detail, she also creates a lovely small world for tiny creatures to inhabit.

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Meeting up w your BFF 🐌🌄

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Her tiny world seems so cozy, I would actually love to move in with these lil fellas. She doesn’t just have snails as her inhabitants, but most of them feature these guys, probably because of the pure calm they’re exuding. Not only cute but also highly relatable, I wasn’t aware until now that snails are an actual mood.

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Me on friday night 🐌🦔

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Maisie, a London based photographer, has a very unique style: Her high resolution photos are mostly extremely zoomed in with intense coloring.

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#solarmag #Solar05

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By taking away the bigger perspective on the sometimes icky things she includes in her collages, like creepy crawlies or sometimes even dead animals, the focus is entirely on texture and color.

Maisie encapsulates the opposition of what’s perceived as beautiful versus what’s deemed ugly or even contrasts life versus death in everyday objects. By doing so, she beautifully pictures how photography can change your view of the world you find yourself in every day.


Even though I don’t know if Katie would necessarily refer to herself as a professional photographer, her feed is one of the most eerie and calming ones I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon in the past.

Deeply influenced by American Artist Paul Wonner, for example, who was part of the Bay Area Figurative Movement of the mid 20th century, Katie also frequently posts pictures and paintings that inspire her most. It results in an extraordinary composition of forms and colors that is her feed.

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Her photos just make me happy!

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Thanks to these bold and beautiful women for blazing their own paths on a platform that also happens to be filled with all kinds of other nonsense at times.