Lili’s Insta Inspo: Illustrators and Cartoonists

This first installment is brought to you by: illustrators and cartoonists with drawings so beautiful and relatable it makes you wanna giggle and cry at the same time.

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Babe you’re going to be fine . November 2015

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Hi, I’m Lili (@chili_lili). Welcome to my Insta Inspo!

This is a lil series featuring some of my favorite Instagram accounts with posts that inspire me, kicking off with this article. These collections are all non-exhaustive; just a glimpse into the big, big world of some girls who are killing the IG game in my humble opinion.

This installment of Insta Inspo is brought to you by: illustrators and cartoonists with drawings so beautiful and relatable it makes you wanna giggle and cry at the same time.


In her minimalistic yet very distinctive style, London-based illustrator Ruby covers a variety of topics in her comics, mostly regarding mental health, body image and the constant struggles of being alive.

Her drawings are mostly phrased and feature herself as the most prominent character. They’re real, honest and very funny, reminding us that we’re not alone with our little quirks, worries, social anxieties and irresponsible caffeine intake.

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What others?

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Tara Booth’s incredibly creative drawings are full of tiny details, colors and patterns and mostly display herself in her day-to-day life.

It might be binge-eating, getting high and stumbling around in nature, cooking or just snuggling up at home. Tara also doesn’t shy away from intimate content (like getting athletes foot down there from keeping her vibrator in a sock). She processes very personal and relatable struggles like loss, mental health and body image issues through her drawings and thereby perfectly captures various situations of how we ladies are all just trying to find our own place on this silly little planet, one pair of mismatched socks at a time.

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Dumb little doodle.

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Illustration for Riposte Magazine

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The stunning beauty of the colorful world that is Kristen Liu Wongs art will leave you breathless. With incredible detail and an unmistakeable way of layering different structures, the goddesses that are her characters find themselves in a pastel-colored galaxy that makes one feel like they fell into one of Kali Uchis’ psychedelic dreams.

Her badass queens live in a dreamy yet modern world, with reoccurring elements like knives, crocodiles, guns and snakes that add the perfect little gory and raw touch to catch these out-of-space paintings and draw them a little closer into our brutal, earthly atmosphere.


Polly’s comics playfully picture how the occasional demon in all of us ladies shines through from time to time. Her naked red devil appears in the mirror looking back at her, gets strangled by her in the bed, brushes her hair while she’s taking a bath.

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Deep Cleanse

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Healing or destructive, Polly’s drawings adequately state, sometimes almost brutally honest, how our inner self can manifest into our own personal demons coming out to play.

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A Series Of Nine (May 2017)

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I couldn’t help but feel Instacepted when me and my friend hung out on our laptops in bed and read boys astrocharts to each other and right there on my feed, I spotted one of Abby’s comics picturing the exact situation. The relatability of her cute and openly girly comics is so on point that when I first saw them I almost felt like she installed a camera in my room and transformed me and my girls into one of her fairy-like characters.

The “This is so me/us!!!” moments occur so often while looking at her adorable art, it feels a little like we’ve been friends for years, and it made me enjoy being a girl even more than I already do.

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