Let’s Take a Moment to Really Listen to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC’s Instagram Live hits close to home for many reasons. Let’s make sure we don’t miss a word, and can grow from everything she shared.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | AOC | ig live
Credit: AFP via Getty Images)

Hey y’all. We thought it was important to take a few minutes out of our days and sit with some of the difficult, raw and real information that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared on her Instagram Live on Monday. No stranger to going viral for her iconic tweets and the Congressional dressings-down she provides during hearings in the House of Representatives, AOC has found herself breaking the internet plenty of times. However, the IG Live from Monday was different, when she shared her minute-by-minute experience of fleeing from Congress with her aide, hiding as insurrectionists hunt for her and fearing for her life during the January 6th insurrection on the Capitol. It’s an experience she likened to the trauma of her sexual assault, something she never spoke about publicly before.

We’re sure you’ve seen clips and snippets going around the news channels, highlighting certain details from the live video. While short clips are super important for helping information to spread quickly, we want to nudge our community to set aside the time to listen to AOC’s full story, all 90 minutes of it. In the age of social media, new posts and content eclipse the “old” in no time flat, and it’s a bit too easy for important things to get swept to the side before we’ve had a chance to really dig into it – and we don’t want that to happen here.

So bookmark this post and make a plan to listen to AOC’s story; maybe tonight when you’re winding down after work, tomorrow morning when you’re getting ready for your day, in the afternoon when you’re doing your laundry or cleaning your apartment – whatever works for you. Just listen. Encourage your friends to do the same. There’s a lot to unpack in what AOC shares, and we think it’s important not to let that opportunity pass us by. We’ll also attach a trigger warning here to let you know that this video does discuss violence, trauma and sexual assault.

Since AOC’s live went viral, many of her colleagues have been speaking with various news outlets to add more texture to the experience AOC describes. One is Rep. Katie Porter (whose white board we stan just as much as the Congresswoman herself), who say down with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell to share both her reaction to AOC’s story, but also to tell more about hiding with her in Porter’s office during the insurrection:

One last word before we go: We’ll also say that, for us, AOC’s live video serves as a reminder that it’s so important to be there for the people in our lives who’ve been through something traumatic. Check in on your friends, listen when they feel ready to share, make space for them to do that safely, and follow up with after-care so they feel supported.


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