Let VØR’s ‘Forgot Your Name’ Take You On An Emotional Ride

VØR, a sentimental and forceful dream-pop package with vocals in the league of Florence and the Machine and Lana del Rey, is out with new single ‘Forgot Your Name’ and here to effortlessly make a name for herself.

Charismatic and filled with attitude, VØR is out with her new EP ‘Liminal II’ and the spellbinding single ‘Forgot Your Name’.

‘Forgot Your Name’ is an atmospheric track that has storytelling qualities in the ambiance alone. Throughout the entire EP, but especially the new single, there’s a unique, at the same time, gentle and confident voice and skillful songwriting between fragile poetry and great pop moments.

What permeates through a lot of the EP is a drive to address mental health issues and for VØR, it’s a big priority that she can create work that makes people feel less alone in those issues.

VØR’s ‘Liminal II’ is an emotional journey through the lens of someone who lives life to the fullest and experiences all the ups and downs life has to offer. It’s music for the feelers and dreamers out there who understand that in order to have light, you gotta have a little darkness too.

VØR’s aim is to encourage one to search for self-reflection, encourages the fear of challenges, motivate to lift oneself up and want’s us to understand that all of it is different sides of the same coin.


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