Laura Reuss’ Genre-Blending Playlist

This Berlin-based dancer must want you to get groovy too – we dare you to sit still through this playlist.

It’s no mystery where homegirl Laura Reuss gets her buckets of energy! Get up and move your body to this mishmash of genres and moods – maybe you won’t look quite as graceful as this professional dancer, but it’s all groovy.

Over the past few months, we’ve had the opportunity to tag along with Laura and her crew in big B; needless to say it’s been nothing short of a blast. The energetic playlist she mixed for us is just as lively and fast-moving as you’d expect. Starting with some characteristically electronic vibes, the Berlin native then mixes in some neosoul attitude with the likes of Ravyn Lanae, The Internet, Frank Ocean and Princess Nokia – not to mention healthy does of 80s-00s vibes with Madonna, Jamiroquai, TLC and Missy Elliot.

Jump right in and let your freak flag fly.


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