Laura Kaczmarek’s Playlist

Listen to the tunes the German photographer and skater uses to amp up and wind down throughout the day.

Laura Kaczmarek‘s had a wild few months. The photographer and skater has visited Zurich, Innsbruck and Tel Aviv with her besties on photography trips; she’s been working on her first-ever photography book, which is just about ready to pop. All that work, travel and sun-soaking can get pretty exhausting—unless you’ve got your fave tunes handy, that is.

Here’s what Laura listens to to amp up, stay motivated and wind down throughout the day. You’ll find crowdpleasers like David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac in the mix, but also some hyped newcomers like Tommy Genesis and King Krule. Whatever your music taste, you’ll find something to please your ears in Laura’s playlist. Enjoy!