Laura Kaczmarek’s Photography Blurs the Lines Between Skate and Fashion (In a Good Way)

The German photographer creates eye candy for skate and fashion aficionados alike.

Skateboarding? Dope. Fashion? Into it. Architecture? Um, yes please. So when we stumbled upon Laura Kaczmarek on Instagram, we couldn’t help but take a closer look: the 26-year-old German photographer merges all three areas in her quickly expanding and sharpening body of work.

A skater herself, Laura started out as a fly-on-the-wall photographer documenting her skater friends chilling, kickflipping and defining new city territories as skate spots. In her early 20s, she studied architectural photography, and that’s when her unique photographic direction began to flourish. Laura developed an eye for teasing out the graphical lines and geometrical contrasts in her compositions; as a result, her skate photography became more refined, conceptual and editorial. It was only natural, then, that her knack for capturing youth culture with an editorial quality took her into the world of fashion photography. To this day, she’s produced editorials for high profile publications like Fucking Young!, Boys by Girls and Indie Mag, and counts brands like adidas Originals in her list of commercial clients.

What makes Laura so exciting to discover isn’t her hip client list, however: it’s the versatility of her work. You can tell she’s still defining herself and experimenting as a photographer, trying out everything from 70s-era vintage fashion editorials to candid street photography, from visceral studies of the human body to gritty skate shots. Unlike many other millennial photographers, she hasn’t found a trendy niche and stuck with it for the sake of gaining Instagram followers. Instead, she’s refreshingly honest about her learning process and affinity for shooting the unknown—which her makes her more relatable and admirable than your average young photographer hotshot.

Check out some of her work here, and peeps your eyes on the rest via her website and Instagram.