Laura Kaczmarek’s New Fashion Story for METAL Magazine is 70s Revivalism at Its Finest

The German photographer's latest oozes with toasty colours, vintage hairstyles and too-cool-for-school attitude.

Is anyone out there truly immune to eye candy? Really, who can resist the perfected colours of a glitzy fashion editorial, the shiny veneer of quality photography, the smouldering appeal of a cocked eyebrow or intense gaze? We sure can’t. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying a little bit of eye candy just for the sake of it, which is why we present to you Laura Kaczmarek‘s latest fashion story for METAL Magazine.

The Barcelona-based publication has garnered a reputation for pushing cutting -edge fashion and beauty while sparking discussions around literature, travel and culture, and Laura’s new editorial fits right into that description. The German photographer has created a vibe that tells a distinctly 70s story; working with stylist Heike Held‘s affinity for vintage patterns and iconic shapes (like the male model’s massive sunnies), Laura teased out the nostalgic potential of the looks by using warm natural light, shooting almost effortless poses and contrasting the intimacy of the shots with the urbanism of the surroundings.

Check out the visual story for yourself here and maybe even go out and cop a pair of vintage 70s sunnies. Read more about Laura here.