Laura Kaczmarek’s New Editorial for Boys by Girls Magazine Makes Us Wish We Were Teens Again

The German photographer's "Fruit of Youth" series captures the freedom, innocence and irresistibility of boyhood.

Laura Kaczmarek is one of those rare fashion photographers who doesn’t sacrifice substance for style. It doesn’t matter if she’s shooting something icy cool and polished for clients like Indie Mag, or embracing a laid back and experimental approach for her own shoots. The German photographer always retains her subjects’ vulnerabilities, making them seem approachable and relatable even in the fanciest of settings.

Case in point: her latest series called “Fruit of Youth”, portraying 15-year-old twins Deti and Doni for the British magazine Boys by Girls. While the backdrop is pretty much the opposite of fancy – her camera followed the boys around during a typical skate session in West Germany – her knack for getting close to her subjects rings throughout the shoot. Deti and Doni take poses typical of teenagehood, alternating between cocky and shy, energetic and peaceful, unsure and determined. Through the twins’ openness as subjects, Laura’s captured pretty much the whole spectrum of teenage emotions we can all remember experiencing in a sweet and empathetic way. In fact, the whole thing almost makes us want to grab our skateboards, ditch our responsibilities and be teens again. Almost.