Laura Kaczmarek, adidas Originals and Sun-Soaked, Dreamy Pics Capturing the Power of Female Friendship in Tel Aviv.

We travelled to Tel Aviv during the sweltering month of August to skateboard, float in the dreamy ocean, meet new friends and film a video.

Ever been to Tel Aviv? If not, do it! What a dreamy and welcoming place. It feels like a middle eastern Barcelona in its tempo and taste. Together with the Heckmecks crew, Laura Laczmarek set her sights on Israel’s cultural capital to explore and photographer what was to her, an unchartered land. Top of the list on the to-do’s was connecting with the irresistible and ripping Jerusalem Skater Girls, who would be our local guides for skate spots and eateries.

What would become an unforgettable journey creating new bonds that will last a lifetime, we spent our time seeking out spots to skate, film, swim and eat, a dreamy trip that was captured by crew member Tina Willim‘s always incredible lens work.

Take a minute to watch the clip below – and dig into the rest of the content we created with adidas Originals here. Jump further down to get a full report of the days.

In the afternoon we went to the Gold Spot aka Dubnov Park next to Tel Aviv museum. It was loaded with skateboarders and this is where the girls first met the entirety of the JSG crew. They were about 10 girls. Perfect brick ground, nice ledges everywhere to skate. Since our lunch was so big we didn’t really go out for sinner, just stopping for a drink somewhere before continuing out to film in the Dizengoff area, quite a busy centre city area filled with ice cream parlours, (popular with young people). 

Next day we started the day on the beach, floating in the 30-degree water and sipping on iced coffees from the cafe on the beach. We then drove around a number of nondescript spots to shoot, ending in Jaffa once again for another amazing lunch. Food was so good we came up with a hashtag #IWishICouldEatMore.

adidas originals x girls are awesome | PHOTOGRAPHY | skate photography

From there we spent the afternoon in the heat dying to get finished. Once done with the filming we took taxis to the most amazing spot called Salon Romano. Behind a completely nondescript door, we walked through into this huge courtyard with hanging plants from the balcony, a live band was playing and recording live for Teder FM. The entire courtyard was packed with people dancing, dropping handfuls of white paper napkins from the balcony which floated down over the crowd. It was absolutely magic. We ate at Salon upstairs which was good enough, sold out of most of the stuff and with a Berlineske hipster attitude staff. Nice enough if you’re cool. 

Overall my brain melts at the memory of Tel Aviv, the food, the vibe, the warmth, the water, the spots, the people. Will. Be. Back.


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