‘Ladies First’: Netflix Documentary Tells the Incredible True Story of Indian Archery Champion Deepika Kumari

You know we’re all about role models here at Girls Are Awesome, and ‘Ladies First’ documents the story of your newest one – Deepika Kumari, the champion archer who went from hopeful to hero!

Ready for a serious role model? We’ve got you covered! Ladies First on Netflix tells the story of Deepika Kumari who was born on the roadside to abject poverty in rural India, ventured out on her own at age 12 in search of food and shelter, and stumbled upon archery – to later become the best in the world!

Learning that members of the archery team were given a meal per day and a roof over their heads, Deepika, who’d never heard of the sport, asked for a tryout. Within four years, she became the number one archer in the world, and represented India at two Olympic Games.

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In Ladies First, Netflix documents Deepika’s path to the Rio 2016 Olympics. Having to overcome the obstacles of a repressive system, she strives to achieve her dream of becoming the first Indian woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

Talent in every country is evenly distributed amongst gender, but the same cannot be said for opportunities. We hope Deepika’s story can help inspire stakeholders to give opportunities to India’s awesome girls and women, and actually put Ladies First!

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