KüBS: Kristina Jobin is on a Quest to Eliminate Boob Sweat

Is under-boob sweat deciding what outfits you can wear, and what activities you can participate in? Those days are over! We sat down with the founder of KüBS, the boob sweat pads that keep you covered. Get inspired by her story here!

Image: ChooseKubs.com

Who among us hasn’t experienced the discomfort – and well, panic frankly! – of being out with friends, or on a date, and realizing that ‘the ladies’ are warming up and you have precious few minutes to sprint to the restroom to dab them dry? Most of us have bras or shirts we just won’t wear on a warm day, or if we’re going to be participating in activities where we might get a bit sweaty, because we know hotness is at risk of becoming public knowledge – and that’s not a descriptor for our look.

Great news, though – Our friend Kristina Jobin not only knows this problem all too well; she also decided to do something about it. That’s how KüBS (rhymes with boobs!) was born. They’re the super absorbent boob pads that have you covered. We asked Kristina to tell us a bit about her entrepreneurial journey, so check out her words below the video!

Here’s what Kristina has to say:

I had been taping paper towels underneath my boobs for years. It wasn’t ideal. They are rough and would irritate my skin. I tried some of the other products that do exist for boob sweat, but I didn’t find the powders or repurposed anti perspirants incredibly effective. I couldn’t believe a boob sweat pad didn’t just exist. I decided to make one. In my head it was going to be as easy as calling up a factory, not that I knew which one just that I would figure it out, explain my idea to them and voila they would make them.

Of course 3.5 years in, I know now there was a lot I didn’t account for. Thank goodness I didn’t realize how many steps there actually were. I would have been way too intimidated to get started. But once the ball gets rolling and money is invested you just sort of figure out a way to make it work, from product design to manufacturing logistics. Bringing an idea from a dream to a reality is a long, but fulfilling road. 

Our original product launch date was April 15, 2020. Of course we all know what happened. Covid hit. We had to adjust course just like everyone else. We kept pushing back the launch date but I didn’t want to miss the crucial summer 2020 season. Our website went live July 10th, 2020. It has been a crazy year since then. Things don’t always go according to plan but being an entrepreneur means being nimble and trying to expect the unexpected.

It’s funny because I used to try and be more professional and say under-breast sweat, but that just sounds silly to me now. Only men in suits call it that – once I make them aware it is even a problem. They don’t even know! But women know. They know when they are getting ready for an event where maybe a bra will look funny under their shirt, but they don’t want to worry about the discomfort of moisture or god forbid embarrassment of the all too familiar sweat smiley’s appearing on their favorite dress. It even happens to celebrity women! From Kim Kardashian to Selena Gomez. On red carpets in designer gowns… with boob sweat!

I just want women to be more comfortable and confident being women. When they put on an outfit, be it a romper, a sweat suit, or their favorite little black dress. Whether they are going to a girls’ night, a board meeting, or a wedding. I want women to look and feel their absolute best.

Every time I get a DM or email from a customer saying that our product made their family trip to Disney World more comfortable or a first date outfit was perfect because they weren’t worrying about boob sweat I literally tear up. To know that this little idea I had actually makes a difference for these women is truly incredible. We have big plans for making more products that improve women’s lives, but for now we are just working on it one pair of sweaty boobs at a time because the girls deserve the best.


Kristina Jobin grew up in Atlanta, GA and relocated to Vancouver, BC in 2014 where she lives with her husband and two dogs. When she’s not running KüBS, she enjoys boating with her dad who lives close by, cooking, and keeping up with the latest in skin care. You can get in touch with her on IG @choosekubs or by email kristina@choosekubs.com


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