Københavnerlivet (Life in Copenhagen) Podcast

Cecilie Beck, the ‘queen of Danish news’, talks about morning runs when everyone else is going home drunk, her love of tennis and the good things in life. Tune in!

Photos by Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen

Welcome one and all, to the “Københavnerlivet” or “Life in Copenhagen” podcast. These thoughtfully cultivated, cultured, cozy conversations revolve around inspiring and accomplished women in and around the city of Copenhagen – it’s awesome.

In case you were wondering, all of the episodes of the pod are hosted by two lovely native Copenhageners, Cathrine and Stella. Stella owns her own business and creative space in central Nørrebro called Pretty Punk, while Cathrine works in social media at a big design company nearby. Shared interests collide in most episodes, and in life, around music, art, lifestyle culture and where to find it. Long story short, they will definitely “spill the tea” on all of their favorite spots in the city.

Catch the latest episode, where you’ll hear these two lovelies chat with the “Queen of the News”, Cecilie Beck. You might know her as a badass journalist at TV2 Nyhederne on Danish television, but she also happens to enjoy morning runs through Vesterbro when everyone else is going home drunk, playing tennis and the occasional beer around the city with the homies. Tune in!


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