Københavnerlivet (Life in Copenhagen) Podcast is Back

Listen to the first episode of season two, chatting with the fabulous DJ Lady Smita.

The sassy and upbeat female-friendly podcast, “Københavnerlivet”, or “Life in Copenhagen”, is kicking off season two with the glorious DJ, Lady Smita. Hear Smita have a talk with the lovely hosts, Cathrine and Stella, about life as a female DJ in Copenhagen, what she would change if she became the mayor of the city, and the best undiscovered spots in Copenhagen… Listen here!

Photo by Ken Hermann

As a bit of background, Cathrine works with social media at a big design company outside Copenhagen and is originally from Jylland, Denmark. She’s lived in Copenhagen for about seven years, so she knows all the sauce. Her co-host and BFF Stella owns her own business and creative space in central Nørrebro called Pretty Punk. The common interests that these two ladies share are music, art, culture in general and where to find it.

These two gals are constantly expanding their own horizons and their listeners’ with this podcast, simply by asking the questions that everyone wants to hear about their own city. Join them in discovering new places and learning about different badass women’s lives existing in the same 88 square kilometer town. Yes, all in all, it’s just a super cozy conversation. Whether you live in Copenhagen, just visiting or simply enjoy casual convo – go and get the inside scoop!


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