Københavnerlivet (Life in Copenhagen) Podcast

This latest episode of Københavnerlivet features Christine Buhl Andersen, a passionate art historian and the first female director of the Glyptotek museum in Copenhagen!

Photo: Ana Cecilia Gonzalez

Welcome back to the Københavnerlivet or “Life in Copenhagen” podcast! This last episode is brought to you by homegirls Cathrine and Stella, two native Copenhageners and aficionados when it comes to art, lifestyle and well-informed wanderings in and around the city. Within each episode, you will hear plenty of juicy tidbits about their preferred pastimes as well as in-depth conversation with accomplished and inspiring women in Copenhagen.

Christine Buhl Andersen is featured in the latest installment. She is the first female director of the Glyptotek Museum in Copenhagen and a truly passionate art historian that can dish on the factual and philosophical nature of art and museum culture with unpretentious ease. Furthermore, catch this cozy conversation that includes her own history growing up in the center of Copenhagen, the magic of Tivoli, which neighbors the Glyptotek museum and her experience running a half marathon through the city.


The interview also includes insights into Christine’s vision for the future of the Glyptoteket and her contributions to the already amazing museum, such as incorporating sound into exhibitions and furthering education for future generations. All in all, this conversation is one that you won’t want to miss – a must-listen for anyone (Danish-speaking) interested in culture and art in the modern age. Tune in!



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