Kinck’s Fire Energy Is Unmistakeable In Latest Track ‘Emperors New Clothes’

Kinck is back with unapologetic anthem ‘Emperors New Clothes’, here to liberate you from that ex that doesn’t deserve you anyways.

Tongue in cheek, soulful, and with an undeniable edge is how pop-artist Stine Kinck maneuvers around in life and in her music. In the past years, tracks have been dropping under the powerhouses’ own name with influences from jazz, soul, pop, and R&B. After years in the music industry, she had a clear insight into some of the blind spots of the music industry and a vision of what the scene should look like, which resulted in her starting her own record label Sad Unicorn Rec

She’s now ready to keep the tempo going with an unapologetic anthem, ‘Emperors New Clothes’ with a track weaved of raw honesty, captivating vocal lilt, and a bed of trap-edged pop instrumental that continues the intrigue around the rising artist. 

“Emperor’s New Clothes” was written in London, like the majority of Kinck’s releases, and with support from UK tastemakers like, DUMMY MAGAZINE, CLASH, and THE LINE OF BEST FIT it seems that this Copenhagen based artist has made her way into the UK music scene.

Speaking on the track, Kinck states: “This song is really a celebration of the moment you’re finally really free of someone’s grip and sees them for what they truly are. The ex I’m talking about in the song didn’t really have anyone in his circle to call him out on his bullshit. Which reminded me of the H.C Anderson story”.

Kinck is a solidified part of the Girls Are Awesome fam, gracing us earlier in the year with her determined, confident and fire energy as one of the role models chosen for the Girls Are Awesome x adidas Originals campaign.


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