Kiah Victoria’s EP ‘Everybody’ is Everything

The R&B songstress encapsulates a whole span of emotions you forgot you could feel.

American R&B songstress Kiah Victoria has graced us all with a gorgeous EP called Everybody, ready to give you life as you recover from these hardcore holiday party hangovers. She belts out each note with the grace and assurance of old female R&B powerhouses such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and – dare I say it – Aretha herself.

The EP itself embodies the colorful warmth of soul music with a soft echo of modernity. It starts off with the powerful track “I Ain’t Goin Nowhere” which captures the listener with a cacophony of rhythm and melody, escalating to angelic levels when the chorus lifts with a full vocal arrangement and epically inspiring lyrics. The second of the four-track EP is “Cold War,” which ironically calms its emotional storm with a soft whisper that turns into a beautifully vocalized and well-crafted ballad.

“Hollow” is the third and perhaps most ear-catching and victorious track. It captures the energy and excitement of a new life discovery and it basically is one—it’s the moment when you realize Kiah Victoria is a boss. She grabs the concept of the song and translates its meaning directly through music in such a pure and tangible way; the lyrics, the melody, and the rhythm of this song all holler out its meaning in uniformity. It’s about the profound sincerity and shallowness of the world and the purity in not knowing how to make sense of it.

“So it’s taking me some time to realize who am and where I’m coming from and I’m seeing everything and everyone around me just fall apart for different reasons and it’s scaring me, it’s scaring me… and I’m just trying to be the best I can and when I’ve fallen down I get up again,” a bold statement from a brave artist. This bombastic number is followed by the last and most experimental track. It touches on the artificial nature of human communication in an artistic and innovative way. She capitalizes off of the caked-on dissonant harmonies and slow, slam-poetry like delivery and has aptly named the track “Titivating.”

This R&B songstress has taken her decisive place on the future soul scene since the album dropped in September and has been bouncing around in our collective consciousness continuously since. She has played shows around her native New York for years before launching a worldwide tour to be continued into the new year, selling out shows all across Europe. She has also performed multiple shows with music startup Sofar Sounds; her live performance abilities really do live up to her raucously precise recorded ones.

Catch her live at a venue near you this winter and enjoy these funky fresh vibes, up close and personal.


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