“Keep Cool” Music Video = Grooves, Boobs and Hella Nineties Vibes

Up-and-coming Danish artist JADA’s new music video is a crash course in love and self-care.

Copenhagen-based R&B goddess JADA‘s warm and billowy debut single “Keep Cool”, which hit the scene decisively to rave reviews just a few weeks ago, delivers all the feels of a sleepy Sunday spent sulking in some sexy silky sheets. The accompanying music video is every bit as simplistic yet epic as her well thought-through ballad about the contradictions between pursuing love for yourself and for someone else. Beyond creating an insanely voluptuous and subtly sensual track, Jada’s very real and relatable feelings about emerging adulthood ring true through her (dare we say) Beyonce-level vocals. She has said of the song: “Some days I feel like the winner and the owner of my life, other days as the opposite, and that’s what the song is about.”

This newly released video from Jada encompasses the slow and sensual vibe of her debut single with a lovely message that proves Jada is just as on point with the topic of self-love as she is in navigating the nuances of relationships in your 20s. “I wanted to make a video where the people in it performed acts of self-care and showed mutual care for one another, and that this feeling of doing something good for yourself and each other, also was the experience for the people making the movie”. Girl preach.

This beautiful sentiment comes through in the gentle and thoughtful way that the female body is portrayed. The women in the video are exposed in all of their glory yet absent from the more explicitly sexualized male gaze that dominated music videos of the era of R&B which the track clearly draws from. This juxtaposition gives way to the thoroughly affectionate and compelling narrative put forth in both the song and the visual.

Whether you’re cruising on a Tuesday or sleeping through your Sunday, this music video will give you the inspiration you need to love and celebrate your body a little more. Go forth and treat yo’self!


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