Kan Wakan & Elle Olsun’s New Track “I Would” Oozes With Sex Appeal

Elle Olsun’s vocals + Spanish guitar + Bomb production = Sex

Salami Rose

Feast your ears on the sultry acoustic electronic number “I Would” by Kan Wakan, featuring Elle Olsun—an enchanting track reminiscent of Dire Straits and Joni Mitchell in all the right ways. It draws its undeniably sexy magic from the masterful production and instrumentation of Kan Wakan and tasty vocals belonging to “Elle Olsun”—or Lindsey Olsen of San Diego, California, also known as Salami Rose Joe Louis. That’s right: this mega-talented vocalist also moonlights in her own experimental electronic indie outfit where she pretty much does whatever the F she wants. Although Olsun only received a feature credit for the track, like many legendary under-appreciated female vocalists of the 60s and 70s rock era (just saying), it is very much a collaboration. Even the nuances of the song ring with her influences.

In any case: we hope to hear more from Kan Wakan and Salami Rose Joe Lewis as a team very soon.



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